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544 pp.
maps, graphics, and photos, 8.75" x 10"


Publication date:
April 2009

Imprint: OUP Canada

Perspectives on Ideology

John Fielding, Matt Christison, Craig Harding, John Meston, Tom Smith and Doug Zook
Project Manager Jessica Pegis

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The Perspectives on Ideology text has been developed to fit the Alberta program rationale, philosophy, and vision, and the learning outcomes of the Program of Studies for the 30-1 course. The text takes an issue-focused approach to the teaching of social sciences that incorporates multiple perspectives, current affairs, and controversial topics.

French version available in August 2009. Please contact Cheneliere Education for details at www.cheneliere.ca

Sample Pages

Readership : Grade 12 Academic Social Studies Students - Alberta custom publication.

Part 1: Identity and Ideology
1. Thinking About Identity and Ideologies
2. Ideologies of Individualism and Collectivism
Part 2: The Origin and Growth of Liberalism
3. Uncovering 19th-century Liberalism
4. Responding to Classical Liberalism
5. Twentieth Century Rejections of Liberalism
6. The Evolution of Modern Liberalism
7. Challenges to Liberalism Related to Foreign Policy
8. Contemporary Challenges to Liberalism
Part 3: The Viability of Liberalism
9. Imposing Liberalism
10. Political Challenges to Liberalism
11. Complexities of Liberalism in Practice
12. The Viability of Contemporary Liberalism
Part 4: Ideology and Citizenship
13. Reflecting on Worldview, Ideology, and Citizenship
14. Reflecting on Ideology, Action, and Citizenship

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John Fielding is a retired professor of the Faculty of Education at Queen's University. Matt Christison is Principal at Ernest Manning High School with the Calgary Board of Education. Craig Harding is a teacher with the Calgary Board of Education. John Meston is a teacher at Elk Island Public Schools. Tom Smith is a retired principal at Monsignor Smith School with the Calgary Catholic School District. Doug Zook is a teacher at Elk Island Public Schools.

Perspectives on Globalization - Pamela Perry-Globa, Peter Weeks, Victor Zelinski, David Yoshida and Jill Colyer
Living in a Globalizing World - Pamela Perry-Globa, Peter Weeks, Victor Zelinski, David Yoshida and Jill Colyer
Perspectives on Nationalism - Craig Harding, Tom Smith, John Meston, David Yoshida, Edited by Barbara Muirhead, Edited by Heather Sangster, and others
Understandings of Ideologies - Debbie Noesgaard, David Yoshida, Rachel Colless, John Fielding and Laura Phui
Project Manager Jessica Pegis

Special Features

  • Available 2009! Excite for 30-1: an interactive multimedia online companion to Perspectives on Ideology from Image Works. Learn more about this exciting resource at http://www.imageworksalberta.com/main.html. Teachers will be able to access Excite on the LearnAlberta.ca website at http://new.learnalberta.ca.
  • Only text available for the Alberta 30-1 course, approved and authorized by Alberta Education and fully compliant with the new Alberta Program of Studies. Up-to-date, highly visual, and accompanied by a companion website and virtual CD-ROM with case scenarios.