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School Price: $172.95

448 pp.
Various, 8.75" x 10"


Publication date:
March 2007

Imprint: OUP Canada

Perspectives on Globalization

Student Book

Pamela Perry-Globa, Peter Weeks, Victor Zelinski, David Yoshida and Jill Colyer

Perspectives on Globalization explores the origins of globalization, the implications of economic globalization, and the impact of globalization on lands, cultures, human rights, and quality of life. Using an inquiry model of analysis and an engaging and varied presentation of content, this text encourages students to be aware of their capability to effect changes in their communities, Canada's pluralistic society, and the world. Components include Student Text, Teacher's Resource, and Online Resource Centre.

French version Regards sur la Mondialisation available. Please contact Chenelière Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca) for details.

Readership : G10 Social Studies students in Alberta

Unit One: Relationships Between Globalization, Identity and Culture
1. Identity and Culture in a Globalizing World
2. Impacts of Media and Communication Technologies
3. Global Opportunities
4. Global Challenges
5. Promoting and Retaining Identity and Culture
Unit Two: European Imperialism and Historical Globalization
6. Nineteenth Century Imperrialism
7. Historical Globalization and Imperialism
8. Cultural Csontact and Interchange of Ideas
9. Addressing Consequences of Imperialism
10. Historical Legislation and Contemporary Issues
Unit Three: Economic and Environmental Implications and Consequences of Globalization
11. Economic Globalization
12. Transnational Corporations
13. People and Environments: Sustainability and Prosperity
14. Impacts on Environments
15. Opportunities and Challenges of Economic Globalization
Unit Four: Quality of Life Issues in a Globalizing World
16. Children, Youth and Women
17. Impacts on Communities
18. Individuals and Groups: Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities
19. Human Rights and Quality of Life Issues

Companion Site
Teacher's Resource Book

Pamela Perry-Globa is a well known Alberta educator. She is also the author of the Teacher's Resource for Facing the Future and a co-author of Twentieth Century Viewpoints, 2e.

Perspectives on Nationalism - Craig Harding, Tom Smith, John Meston, David Yoshida, Edited by Barbara Muirhead, Edited by Heather Sangster, and others
Living in a Globalizing World - Pamela Perry-Globa, Peter Weeks, Victor Zelinski, David Yoshida and Jill Colyer
Perspectives on Ideology - John Fielding, Matt Christison, Craig Harding, John Meston, Tom Smith and Doug Zook
Project Manager Jessica Pegis
Understandings of Ideologies - Debbie Noesgaard, David Yoshida, Rachel Colless, John Fielding and Laura Phui
Project Manager Jessica Pegis

Special Features

  • Complete Integrated Skills, Development Program allows students to develop skills in context
  • Students are introduced to each skill, which is then developed and practised within the context of the chapter content
  • Reflect and Analyze -- End of chapter activities offering the student the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned throughout the chapter.
  • High interest features that will engage your students include:
  • Chapter Focus, Inquiry Focus, Think About It, Perspectives, Fast Fact, Explore the Issues, Job Link, Case Study