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448 pp.
8.75" x 10"


Publication date:
July 2008

Imprint: OUP Canada

Perspectives on Nationalism

Craig Harding, Tom Smith, John Meston, David Yoshida, Edited by Barbara Muirhead, Edited by Heather Sangster, and others

Tailored specifically to the needs of teachers and students by authors from Alberta, all elements of Perspectives on Nationalism work together to emphasize and meet the general and specific outcomes of the new Alberta Social Studies 20-1 curriculum.

Readership : Grade 11 Social Studies students - Alberta custom publication.

Part I
1. Understandings of Nation and Nationalism
2. How Is Nationalism Expressed?
3. How Can Nationalism Develop?
4. How Do People Experience Nationalism?
5. Reconciling Loyalities
Part II
6. Nationalism and National Interest
7. Why Pursue National Interest?
8. Understanding Extreme Nationalism
9. Exploring Ultranationalism
10. Becoming Sovereign: Pursuing Self-Determination
Part III
11. Nations Interacting with Nations: International Affairs
12. Understanding Internationalism
13. Promoting Internationalism: Organizations in the Global Community
14. Investigating Global Issues: The Role of Internationalism
15. Nationalism versus Internationalism
Part IV
16. Exploring Perspectives on Canadian Identity
17. Promoting Identity: The Role of Individuals, Groups, and Government
18. Pursuing National Unity
19. Visions of Canada for the Future
20. Towards Canada's Bicentennial: Pursuing Your Vision of Canada

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Craig Harding is a teacher with the Calgary Board of Education. Tom Smith is Principal of Monsignor Smith School in the Calgary Catholic School District. John Meston is a teacher at Elk Island Public Schools. David Yoshida is the Social Studies Department Head at Grand Centre High School in Cold Lake Alberta.

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Special Features

  • Social Studies Skills and Processes are developed throughout the text and are reinforced by the Skill Path in each chapter.
  • High interest features will engage students:
  • Weblinks · Pause and Reflect · Investigation · Voices, Ideas and Opinions · Explore the Issues · Fast Facts · Photos, Figures and Maps · Reflect and Analyze
  • Reflects the scaffolding approach of the course.
  • Using inquiry-based learning, every chapter in Perspectives on Nationalism is built around a Chapter Issue related to nationalism.
  • Questions for Inquiry within each chapter help students arrive at their own informed opinions about nationalism issues, and prepare them to express opinions about the overarching key issue for the 20-1 course: To what extent should we embrace nationalism?