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Imprint: OUP Canada

Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada

Third Edition

Edited by Barbara Perry

The most comprehensive and well-balanced introduction to diversity in Canada's justice system with chapters by leading experts.

Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada brings together 16 of the country's leading scholars to address issues of inequality as they intersect with crime and social justice. Integrating themes of history and context, power and powerlessness, and social and political action throughout, the text examines the concept of difference, the specific issues that various groups face with respect to the justice system, and the kinds of reform necessary to mitigate inequalities.

Readership : Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada 3e is a core text for students taking courses on hate crimes, law and society, social justice, social inequality, minorities and the criminal justice system, and other courses on culture, identity, and diversity offered out of criminology, criminal justice, and sociology departments at universities and in police foundations programs at colleges across Canada.


  • "One of the best course texts out there that insightfully interrogates the relationship interplaying between diversity, discrimination, and justice."
    --James Gacek, University of Regina

  • "Combining the critical perspective about race and diversity with a criminal justice focus makes this an ideal text."
    --Melissa Roberts, Langara College

Tables, Figures, and Photos
Preface and Acknowledgements
1. An Introduction: Considering Diversity and Justice in Canada, Barbara Perry
2. Framing Difference, Barbara Perry
3. The Mythical Norm, Barbara Perry
4. Indigenous People in Canada: Culture, Colonialism, and Criminal Justice, Jane Dickson-Gilmore
5. Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Social Injustice: From Overt to Covert Racial Discrimination, Li Zong & Barbara Perry
6. Crime and Justice: The Experiences of Black Canadians, Scot Wortley, Akwasi Owusu-Bempah & Kadija Lodge-Tulloch
7. South Asians and Justice in Canada: Still in Search of Data, Barbara Perry & Shahid Alvi
8. Justice and Islam in Canada, Denise Helly & Barbara Perry
9. Zombies in Bel Air: Class and Marginalization in Canada, Emily Gerbrandt & Bryan Hogeveen
10. Exploring the Victimization, Criminalization, and Incarceration of Women in Canada, Gillian Balfour
11. Sexualities and Difference: The Victimization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) People in Canada, Ellen Faulkner
12. Aging Behind Bars: The "Special Needs" Elderly Prisoner in Federal Custody in Canada, Arshia U. Zaidi
13. Putting Youthful Offending and Victimization into Context, Shahid Alvi
14. Individuals with Disabilities, Dick Sobsey & Heidi Janz
15. Communicating from the Margins: Exploring Intercultural Communication, Valerie Pruegger
16. Anti-Racism Training in the Criminal Justice System: A Case for Effective Social Context Education, Karen R. Mock
17. Criminal Justice/Social Justice: Making Change, Barbara Perry

PowerPoint slides:
For each chapter:
· 20-25 lecture outline slides
· Tables, figures, and photos from the new edition
Test Bank:
For each chapter:
· 15 multiple choice
· 10 true/false questions
· 5 short answer questions
· 2 essay questions
Previous Edition Chapters:
· Includes PDFs of the two chapters removed from the previous edition.
· Mediations of Race and Crime: Racializing Crime and Criminalizing Race
Yasmin Jiwani, Concordia University
· Immigration, Immigrants, and the Shifting Dynamics of Social Exclusion
Karim Ismaili, Bridewater State Univeristy

Barbara Perry is a Professor of Criminology in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Ontario Tech University. Dr. Perry has written extensively in the area of hate crime. Her books include In the Name of Hate: Understanding Hate Crimes, Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader, and The Silent Victims: Hate Crimes Against Native Americans . Dr. Perry has also written on policing diverse communities, including work on social control in Indigenous communities. Most recently, she has contributed to a scholarly understanding of anti-Muslim violence, hate crime against LGBTQ communities, and the community impacts of hate crime.

Crime in Canadian Context - William O'Grady
Inequality in Canada - Edited by Valerie Zawilski
Victimology - Hannah Scott

Special Features

  • Written by Canadian experts in the field, editor Barbara Perry - a leading hate-crime specialist - brings together a dedicated team of experts in criminology and social justice.
  • Explorations of the impact of collective identities on crime and justice in Canada through an in-depth exploration of race (Chs.4-7), class (Ch.9), gender (Ch.10), religion (Ch.8), ability (Ch.14), sexuality (Ch.11), and age (Ch.12) help students critically examine the way identity informs a person's relationship to the justice system.
  • Relevant treatment of crime and justice in Canada today - examines a range of thought-provoking issues such as hate crimes, immigration, social inclusion, marginalization, sexuality, racial profiling, and victimization.
  • Coverage of the experience of vulnerable populations includes discussions on groups such as individuals with disabilities (Ch.14), the elderly (Ch.12), and troubled youth (Ch.13) within the Canadian criminal justice system.
  • A perfect balance of theory and practice combines theoretical discussion with practical suggestions for addressing specific issues, encouraging students to consider possible solutions to real-world situations.
  • Thematically cohesive framework incorporates themes of history, power, and social and political action into each chapter to help students link key concepts as they engage with the readings.
  • Case Study boxes in each chapter outline current or historical events, giving students real-world examples of chapter content.
New to this Edition
  • Expanded discussion of Indigenous peoples and their interactions with the justice system highlights the developments on this key topic (Ch. 4, Ch.10).
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest statistics, references, and topics - including the rise of Anti-Asian hate crime, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Anti-Black racism, and the impact of COVID-19 - offer a current treatment of how the inequities and inequalities in today's society intersect with crime and the justice system.