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13 May 2015
“Michael J. Trebilcock’s Dealing With Losers has won the 2014 Donner Prize for Best Public Policy Book by a Canadian.”

25 Sep 2013
Aging in Canada: An informed, up-to-date look at Canada's aging population

23 Sep 2013
Lorne Tepperman talks about his latest book, The Dostoevsky Effect on CBC Ideas.

26 Jun 2013
Congratulations to Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson, winners of the Canadian Philosophical Association’s Book Prize for 2013 for Zoopolis.

17 Jun 2013
Michael S. Cross’s A Biography of Robert Baldwin wins the 2013 Lela Common Award for Canadian History

11 Jun 2013
Congratulations to Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, winners of the Canadian Philosophical Association 2013 biennial Book Prize for Zoopolis.

07 Jun 2013
Congratulations to William P. Cross and André Blais, authors of Politics at the Centre, for being awarded the 2013 Donald Smiley Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association.

29 May 2013
The Toronto Star talks to Joel Paris, author of "The Intelligent Clincian's Guide to DSM-5.

29 May 2013
Congratulations to Michael S. Cross for his book, A Biography of Robert Baldwin, winner of the John T. Saywell Prize in constitutional history by the Osgoode Society.

13 May 2013
Congratulations to David Wright for Downs: The History of a Disability, winner of the 2013 Dingle Prize.

21 Apr 2013
David Orrell attends Sunday School at CBC

05 Apr 2013
Congratulations to Truth or Beauty by David Orrell, shortlisted for the Canadian Science Writers’ Association Award.

15 Mar 2013
Author of A Slap in the Face spoke with The Globe about the social importance of the insult.

04 Mar 2013
Allan Gregg: Lorna Marsden looks at women's rights in Canada.

09 Feb 2013
The National Post speaks to David Orrell about the “beauty problem” and the seduction of science.

14 Jan 2013
Congratulations to Jack Granatstein and Dean Oliver, winners of the 2011 C.P. Stacey Award for The Oxford Companion to Canadian Military History.

07 Dec 2012
The Jazz Standards gets picked as top 5 books of Globe 100 for 2012.

14 Nov 2012
The Huffington Post prints David Orrell’s article on Truth or Beauty.

13 Nov 2012
Author of Churchill and Sea Power is interviewed on The Rick Howe Show on News 95.7 in Halifax on Friday, November 9 in Remembrance Day special. Listen.

10 Nov 2012
Author Dennis Reid signs copies of his just published 3rd edition Concise History of CDN Painting for long time Oxford Editor Emeritus William Toye at a book signing at D and E Lake Booksellers.

31 Oct 2012
Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality has been selected as this month’s feature title in Canada’s History magazine online.