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School Price: $157.95

Mixed Media
352 pp.
40 figs, 20 tables, 50 maps, 210 photos, 8.25" x 10.75"


Publication date:
March 2006

Imprint: OUP Canada

Voices and Visions: A Story of Canada

Student Text

Daniel Francis
Sharon Sterling and Jill Germain

Voices and Visions introduces students to the development of Canada through the varied and rich perspectives of the Aboriginal, British, Francophone, and other groups. It also introduces students, in language they can understand, to active and responsible citizenship at the local, provincial, national, and global levels. Components include Teacher's Resource and Website.

French version Voix et Visions available. For details, teachers in Alberta should contact the Learning Resources Centre (www.lrc.education.gov.ab.ca). Teachers in all other provinces, please contact Cheneliére Éducation (www.cheneliere.ca).

Readership : Grade 7 Social Studies students in Alberta

Part 1: Beginnings
1. Aboriginal Societies
2. The French in North America
3. The British in North America
4. Competition for Trade
5. War and Peace
6. Becoming Canada
7. Creating a New Nation
Part 2: A Canadian Identity
8. The Metis
9. Growth in the West
10. Expanding Confederation
11. Encouraging Immigration
12. Changing Societies in the West
13. A New Canada
14. Canada Today

Companion Site
Teacher's Resource Book

Francis - Senior Author; Professional writer and historian based in British Columbia

Outlooks 7 - Senior Author: Arnold Toutant and Susan Doyle
Changing Your World - Sharon Sterling

Special Features

  • Systematic development of Social Studies Skills and Processes
  • Special features target literacy and critical thinking skills
  • Comprehensive Teacher support for implementing the new Grade 7 curriculum
  • Plus Online Resource Centre