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Publication date:
April 2000

Imprint: OUP Canada

Spotlight Canada

Fourth Edition

J. Bradley Cruxton and Doug Wilson

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This widely acclaimed text examines the significant events, on a global and domestic level, that shaped Canada in the twentieth century, retaining the engaging writing style, high-interest content, and comprehensive skills development of previous editions.

Readership : Grade 10 History students, Ontario

Setting the Scene: The Road to the Twentieth Century
Unit One: The Twentieth Century Dawns, 1900-1913
Unit Two: Canada and World War I, 1914-1919
Unit Three: The Roaring Twenties and the Dirty Thirties
Unit Four: Canada and World War II, 1939-1945
Unit Five: Canada in the Post-War Era
Unit Six: Years of Change, 1970-1982
Unit Seven: Approaching the New Millennium, 1983-2000
Epilogue: Reflecting on the Century

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J. Bradley Cruxton and Doug Wilson are both retired from the Durham Board of Education.

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Special Features

  • Unit Openers feature Canadian art from the period the unit covers, with questions encouraging students to examine the art and its relevance to the period
  • Timelines with visuals to place events in a chronological context
  • Key themes page organized according to guideline strands
  • A list of key expectations based on curriculum guidelines
  • Chapter Openers feature an intriguing story encouraging students to read on
  • Boxed Inserts throughout the text include "Impact on Society", "The Technological Edge", "Arts Talk", and "Spotlight On..." (profiles on significant Canadians)
  • Skills sections provide "hands-on" activites that teach the skills of historical inquiry such as using the Internet for research
  • Netsurfer feature offers a variety of Internet addresses for students to explore
  • Fast Forward/Flashback boxes make connections between the past and present
  • End-of-chapter: "Understand Facts and Concepts", "Think and Communicate", "Apply Your Knowledge", and "Get to the Source"
  • End-of-Unit: "Connecting Ideas" activities that allow students to reflect on the major themes of the unit