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Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies

Identities, Experiences, and the Contexts of Change

Edited by Diane Naugler

Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies is a collection of 45 previously published works that reveals how views on sexuality have evolved from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Emphasizing the Canadian experience throughout, this anthology combines international examples from foundational texts with more recent Canadian articles that reflect the development of sexuality studies in Canada. Thematically organized readings offer ground-breaking research on topics from school dress codes to cohabitation to the impact of race, the media, health care, and the education system on sexuality today. Engaging and accessible, this volume invites students to take part in the vibrant debates and discussions surrounding this constantly progressing field of study and to reconsider their knowledge, experiences, and opinions about sexuality and sexual orientation.

Readership : Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies: Identities, Experiences, and the Context of Change is a core reader for sexualities studies courses, generally taught in second or third year out of sociology or women's studies departments at Canadian colleges and universities.


  • "Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies is a dynamic, innovative, and wide-ranging textbook. Thoroughly original and resoundingly Canadian, few - if any - other textbooks on the market provide such an impressive array of relevant and timely articles."

    --Marc Lafrance, Concordia University

  • "I enjoyed reading each and every section of the eleven chapters."

    --Doreen Fumia, Ryerson University

Part I: Introduction to Sexualities
1. Shaking the Foundations: Early Inquiries in Sexualities Studies
Frederich Engels: 'The Monogamous Family'
Gary Kinsman: 'The Creation of Homosexuality as a "Social Problem"'
Simone de Beauvoir: 'Destiny: The Data of Biology'
Gayle Rubin: 'Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality'
Michel Foucault: 'The Incitement to Discourse'
2. Contemporary Approaches and Applications
Sandy Welsh: 'Gender and Sexual Harassment'
Mariana Valverde: 'Bisexuality: Coping with Sexual Boundaries'
Viviane Namaste: 'Making the Lives of Transsexual People Visible: Addressing the Politics of Social Erasure'
Martin Cannon: 'The Regulation of First Nations Sexuality'
Dialogue Box 1: 'When Did You Decide You Were "Striaght"?'
Part II: Sexual Identities in Changing Social Contexts
3. Change: The Shifting Meanings of Self and Sexuality
Alan Hunt and Bruce Curtis: 'A Genealogy of the Genital Kiss: Oral Sex in the Twentieth Century'
Steven Maynard: '"Horrible Temptations": Sex, Men, and Working-class Male Youth in Urban Ontario, 1890-1935'
Velma Demerson: 'Excerpt from Incorrigible'
Mary Louise Adams: '"Why Can't I Be Normal?": Sex Advice for Teens'
4. Young People Having Sex: Sexualities, Sexual Identities, and Sexual Behaviours
Todd G. Morrison, Travis A. Ryan, Lisa Fox, Daragh T. McDermott, and Melanie A. Morrison: 'Canadian University Students' Perceptions of the Practices that Constitute "Normal" Sexuality for Men and Women'
Melanie Beres: '"It Just Happens": Negotiating Casual Heterosexual Sex'
Andre P. Grace and Kristopher Wells: 'The Marc Hall Prom Predicament: Queer Individual Rights v. Institutional Church Rights in Canadian Public Education'
Cailey Hartwick, Serge Desmarais, and Karl Hennig: 'Characteristics of Male and Female Victims of Sexual Coercion'
5. Sex for Life? Changing Patterns within Long-term Relationships
Adam Isaiah Green: 'Until Death Do Us Part? The Impact of Differential Access to Marriage on a Sample of Urban Men'
- Celine Le Bourdais, Evelyne Lapierre-Adamcyk with the collaboration of Philippe Pacaut: 'Changes in Conjugal Life in Canada: Is Cohabitation Progressively Replacing Marriage?'
Mariana Valverde: 'A New Entity in the History of Sexuality: The Respectable Same-Sex Couple'
Jessie M. Tzeng: 'Ethnically Heterogamous Marriages: The Case of Asian Canadians'
Dialogue Box 2: 'Whistler Guys Study'
Part III: Status and Stigma: Sex and Sexualities in Social Institutions
6. Health, Illness, and Sexualities
M. Morgan Holmes: 'Mind the Gaps: Intersex and (Re-productive) Spaces in Disability Studies, and Bioethics'
OmiSoore Dryden: 'Canadians Denied: A Queer Diasporic Analysis of the Canadian Blood Donor'
Richard Carpiano: 'Passive Medicalization: The Case of Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction'
Elizabeth M. Saewyc, Coleen S. Poon, Yuko Homma, and Carol L. Skay: 'Stigma Management? The Links between Enacted Stigma and Teen Pregnancy Trends among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students in British Columbia'
7. Sex Information and Education Council of Canada
Stephanie Mitelman and Jo Visser: 'Trends in Adolescent Sexuality: A Look at Canadian Youth'
Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN): 'Sexual Health Education in the Schools: Questions and Answers (3rd edition)'
E. Sandra Byers, Heather A. Sears, Susan D. Voyer, Jennifer L. Thurlow, Jacqueline N. Cohen, and Angela D. Weaver: 'An Adolescent Perspective on Sexual Health Education at School and at Home: 1. High School Students'
Damian Collins: 'Culture, Religion, and Curriculum: Lessons from the "Three Books" Controversy in Surrey, BC'
8. Media Representing Realities?
Charity Marsh: 'Reading Contemporary "Bad Girls": The Transgressions and Triumphs of Madonna's "What It Feels Like for a Girl"'
Anita Shaw: 'Media Representations of Adolescent Pregnancy: The Problem with Choice'
Shawna Ferris: '''The Lone Streetwalker": Missing Women and Sex Work-Related News in Mainstream Canadian Media'
Kenneth Dowler: 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape: The Presentation of Sex Crime in Local Television News.'
Dialogue Box 3: 'Kiss and Tell'
Part IV: Mutually Constructing Knowledge: Sex, Gender, and Sexualities
9. Homophobia and Its Implications for Everyone
Diane Naugler: 'Wearing Pink as a Stand against Bullying: Why We Need to Say More'
Tyler L. Brown and Kevin G. Alderson: 'Sexual Identity and Heterosexual Male Students' Usage of Homosexual Insults: An Exploratory Study'
Tia Dafnos: 'What Does Being Gay Have to Do with It? A Feminist Analysis of the Jubran Case (Canada)'
Phyllis Dalley and Mark David Campbell: 'Constructing and Contesting Discourses of Heteronormativity: An Ethnographic Study of Youth in a Francophone High School in Canada'
10. Racialization, Immigration, and the Politics of Sexualities
David Newhouse: 'Magic and Joy: Traditional Aboriginal Views of Human Sexuality'
Khosro Refale Shirpak, Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, and Maryam Chinichian: 'Iranian Immigrants' Perceptions of Sexuality in Canada: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach'
Susan Brigham and Catherine Baillie Abidi: 'International Female Migration to Atlantic Canada through Internet Mediated Matchmaking Agencies'
Andrea Zoe Aster: 'Double Jeopardy: Building Strong Communities to Fight Homophobia and Racism'
11. Sex and Gender: Boundaries, Connections, and Meanings in the Context of Change
Jennifer L. Berdahl: 'Harassment Based on Sex: Protecting Social Status in the Context of Gender Hierarchy'
Rebecca Raby: '"Tank Tops Are Ok but I Don't Want to See Her Thong": Girls' Engagements with Secondary School Dress Codes'
Ajnesh Prasad: 'Reconsidering the Socio-Scientific Enterprise of Sexual Difference: The Case of Kimberly Nixon'
Didi Khayatt: 'What's to Fear: Calling Homophobia into Question'
Dialogue Box 4: 'Trust the Web: It Gets Better'

Test Bank Prepared by the author Diane Naugler
For each chapter:
20 multiple-choice questions
20 true-or-false questions
10 short-answer questions
5 essay/discussion questions

Diane Naugler (Ph. D., York University) is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her research interests include the social construction of genders and sexualities, feminist theory and questions of embodiment, and surgical intervention (such as cosmetic surgeries and related procedures). Her work has appeared in The Journal of Homosexuality, Atlantis: a Women's Studies Journal, and Resources for Feminist Research.

Deconstructing Men & Masculinities - Michael Atkinson
The Gendered Society - Michael S. Kimmel and Jacqueline Holler
The Gendered Society Reader - Edited by Michael Kimmel, Amy Aronson and Amy Kaler
Gender Relations in Canada - Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet
Speaking of Sexuality - Edited by Nelwyn B. Moore, J. Kenneth Davidson, Sr. and Terri D. Fisher
The Politics of Women's Bodies - Rose Weitz
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality - Edited by Abby L. Ferber, Kimberly Holcomb and Tre Wentling
Sexualities - Edited by Michael S. Kimmel and Rebecca F. Plante

Special Features

  • Canadian scholarship. The only collection that traces the development of sexuality studies in Canada through the work of Canadian scholars, showing students how academics in this country have contributed to long-standing global discussions.
  • Foundational works. Readings by prominent thinkers such as Friedrich Engels, Simone de Beauvoir, and Michel Foucault, as well as Canadian sociologist Gary Kinsman and American cultural anthropologist Gayle Rubin, explore the influence of Marxism, feminism, and post-structuralism on sexuality studies in Canada.
  • Contemporary. Articles on thought-provoking topics such as sexuality and youth, the health care system, public education, mass media, homophobia, bullying, immigration, citizenship, and gender harassment offer students a relevant, up-to-date look at how ideas about sexuality and sexual orientation impact our everyday lives.
  • Thematic organization. Readings are grouped according to themes of identity, stigma, and knowledge, helping students make connections between the articles.
  • 'Starting Points' questions. Found at the beginning of each part, these engaging questions encourage students to reflect upon what they know about section themes and to think about where that knowledge comes from and how it is used in their daily lives.
  • Dialogue boxes. Found at the end of each part, these boxes feature images and news stories related to the articles, prompting students to think critically about the material.
  • Helpful pedagogy. Part introductions and a glossary of key terms highlight important concepts, while discussion questions test student comprehension.