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Student Resources

This website accompanies Perspectives on Ideology, your resource for the Social Studies 30-1 course. You can use this website to find specific documents and references mentioned in your text resource and to explore the Key Issue, Related Issue, and Chapter Issues throughout the course.





Part 1 Opener, Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2

Part 2 Opener, Chapter 3-5
Part 2: Chapter 6-8

Part 3 Opener, Chapter 9-12

Part 4 Opener, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, and Closer

Reproducible Masters
Reproducible Masters
Student RM Support Links

Source Bank
The Source Bank includes links to full documents and background material or all quotations and excerpts in the Student Resource.

Map Bank
The Map Bank includes all maps from the Student Resource in PDF format.

Diploma Examination Links

Links to ExCite