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336 pp.
16 figures; 18 tables; 2 maps, 6" x 9"


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Imprint: OUP Canada

Children in Canada Today

Third Edition

Patrizia Albanese

Series : Themes in Canadian Sociology

Current, concise, and comprehensive - a uniquely Canadian approach to the sociology of childhood.

Children in Canada Today explores the process through which children become members of our society - that is, how, where, when, and with whom children grow up to be socially "functioning" adults. With a strong balance of history and theory, this text offers engaging discussions of socialization and the social policies and practices that affect the lives of children.

Readership : Children in Canada Today, 3e is a core text intended for sociology of children and childhood courses offered out of sociology departments at universities at the second-, third-, and fourth-year levels.


  • "Children in Canada Today is a well-organized text that provides students with a solid history and overview of the study of children and childhood, and also addresses important themes and issues relevant to the field of childhood studies."
    --Dr. Thomas Waldock, Nipissing University

  • "Key theoretical approaches, relevant research, useful statistical information, and clear examples of the historical and current social influences on childhood and children are presented and discussed in a thorough and thoughtful manner. This is an essential book for any course exploring the topic of childhood and children."
    --Caroline McDonald-Harker, Mount Royal University

Note: Every chapter includes:
- Learning Objectives
- Introduction
- Chapter Summary
- Questions for Critical Thought
- Suggested Readings
1. Histories of Childhood
2. Social Theories of Childhood
3. Doing Research on and with Children
4. Parent(s) and Child(ren)
5. School and Peer Groups
6. Children, the Mass Media, and Consumerism
7. Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
8. Newcomer Children in Canada
9. Indigenous Children
10. Child Poverty in Canada
11. Divorce, Custody, and Child Support in Canada
12. Child Abuse and Child Protection in Canada
13. The Disappearance of Childhood?

Test Bank (NEW):
For each chapter:
· 20 multiple choice questions
· 15 true-or-false questions
· 10 short answer questions
· 2 essay questions
· Answer key with page references for each question
List of Online Resources (NEW):
For each chapter:
· 3-10 annotated weblinks

Patrizia Albanese is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Chair of the Ryerson University Research and Ethics Board. In addition to authoring Children in Canada Today, Dr. Albanese is the editor of Canadian Families Today, 4e (© 2018 OUP Canada) and a co-editor-with Lorne Tepperman-of Principles of Sociology, 4e (© 2018 OUP Canada) and Reading Sociology, 4e (© 2018 OUP Canada). She is also the co-editor - also with Lorne Tepperman - of the Themes in Canadian Sociology series, of which this book is a part. She is the president of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences and is past-president of the Canadian Sociological Association.

Canadian Families Today - Edited by Patrizia Albanese
Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese
Choices and Constraints in Family Life - Maureen Baker
Family Patterns, Gender Relations - Bonnie Fox

Special Features

  • Canadian examples and research throughout ensure this text is relevant to students studying in this country today.
  • Balances coverage of history and theory to offer students a well-rounded introduction to childhood sociology.
  • An issues-based approach in the second half of the text explores Canadian social policies and practices that affect the lives of children such as poverty, divorce, and abuse.
  • Concise introduction to the subject - part of the well-regarded Themes in Canadian Sociology series, known for its clear and accessible approach to current research and trends in the discipline.
  • Student-friendly writing style introduces complex research and ideas in a way that appeals to undergraduate students.
  • Helpful pedagogy - including learning objectives, chapter summaries, and questions for critical thought - highlights key concepts and enhances student comprehension.
New to this Edition
  • Expanded coverage of Indigenous childhoods - including new discussion of the Sixties Scoop, residential schools, food insecurity in the North, and the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls - highlights the past and ongoing effects of colonization on Indigenous children and their families.
  • Updated coverage of disability throughout the text gives students insight into the experience of childhood disability in both historical and contemporary contexts.
  • New discussion of current issues including children's interaction with digital devices, bullying, experiences of immigrant children, family violence, custody arrangements, and step-families.
  • Fully updated data and research, incorporating statistics and examples from the 2016 census and National Household Survey, as well as almost 30 new figures and tables presenting key information on topics such as the children's rights movement, regulated childcare spaces, and fertility rates.