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Imprint: OUP Canada

The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration

Third Edition

Edited by Christopher Dunn

The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration is a comprehensive analysis of the theoretical foundations and practice of public management in Canada today. With contributions from over thirty leading Canadian scholars and specialists in the field, this thoroughly updated collection exposes students to key issues in public administration from public service to workplace equity.

Readership : Suitable for courses in public administration courses at the third- or fourth-year university level offered through political science and public administration departments.


  • "This edited collection identifies current issues, interprets their relevance, and blankets the Canadian scene more so than counterparts. [It] is a refreshed compendium of emerging themes and topical issues authored by leading scholars in the field. It paints an abstract portrait of twenty-first-century national political-administrative realities and aspirations upon the vast canvass of the decentralized and evolving landscape of Canadian federalism."
    --John Wilkins, York University

  • "[The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration] is set apart by its large and very diverse coverage of an abundance of issues in the field of public administration. [It] provides a broad survey of the theoretical foundations of public administration while considering the changing nature as it evolves throughout the twenty-first century."
    --Kevin Ginnell, Douglas College

Tribute to Dr Christopher (Chris) Dunn
Introduction NEW
Part One: Mapping the Canadian Public Service
1. A Legislative Map of the Federal Public Service NEW, Christopher Rootham
2. Adaptability, Accountability, and Sustainability: Intergovernmental Fiscal Arrangements in Canada NEW, William B. P. Robson and Alexandre Laurin
3. The Federal Spending Power, Christopher Dunn
4. An Introduction to Administrative Law NEW, Heather MacIvor
5. East Block and Westminster: Conventions, Values, and Public Service, Kenneth Kernaghan
Part Two: The Central Institutions
6. The Central Executive in Canadian Government: Searching for the Holy Grail, Christopher Dunn
7. Parliament and the Public Service, Paul G. Thomas
8. Judicial Administration, Carl Baar and Ian Greene
9. Local Public Administration NEW, Andrew Sancton
10. The Role of Deputy Ministers in Canadian Government, Jacques Bourgault
Part Three: The Broad Public Sector
11. Arm's-Length Agencies and Canadian Public Administration NEW, Allan Tupper
12. Crown Corporations in Canada: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is." NEW, Luc Bernier
13. Indigenous Peoples and the Reconciliation Agenda: Funding, Accountability, and Risk, Robert P. Shepherd
Part Four: The Processes of Canadian Public Administration
14. The Policy Process, Michael Howlett
15. A Fragile State: Federal Public Administration in the Twentieth Century, Alasdair Roberts
16. Transition Planning in Canada NEW, David Zussman
17. Public-Private Partnerships in Canada: Reflections on Twenty Years of Practice NEW, Matti Siemiatycki
18. Budgeting in Canada: Centre Stage of Government and Governance NEW, Michael J. Prince
19. Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector, Michele Campolieti, Morley Gunderson, and Robert Hebdon
Part Five: Changing Expectations of Government
20. Ethics in the Public Sector: From Compliance to Values or Compliance and Values? NEW, Kathy L. Brock and John L. Nater
21. Gendering Canadian Public Administration NEW, Tammy Findlay
22. Information, Technology, and Canadian Public Administration, David C.G. Brown
23. Out from the Shadows: Political Staff as Public Administrators NEW, Jonathan Craft
24. The Limits to Defying Gravity: Horizontal Governance and Competing Values in Canada's Westminster System NEW, Evert A. Lindquist
25. Communications Concepts and Practices in Canadian Public Administration NEW, Alex Marland
26. The Third Sector, the Neo-Liberal State, and Beyond: Reshaping Contracting and Policy Advocacy, Bryan Evans and John Shields
27. Looking Across the Atlantic: The European Union and Canada Compared NEW, John Erik Fossum

Test Bank: NEW
For each chapter:
- 20 multiple choice questions
- 10 true-or-false questions
- 10 short answer questions
- 3-5 essay questions
For each part:
- 2-3 essay questions
PowerPoint Slides: NEW
For each chapter:
10-20 lecture slides
Student Study Guide: NEW
For each chapter:
- Chapter summary
- 3-5 annotated web links
For each part:
- 5-8 Suggested essay topics
E-book ISBN 9780199026173

The late Christopher Dunn was a political science professor at Memorial University. His research included Canadian and provincial politics, intergovernmental relations, policy analysis, and public administration. He authored and edited numerous books and journal articles.

Studying Public Policy - Michael Howlett, M. Ramesh and Anthony Perl
Public Policy in Canada - Lydia Miljan
Public Administration - Kevin B. Smith and Michael J. Licari
Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • Written by leading Canadian scholars, each chapter introduces students to innovative research and writing in public administration.
  • Praised for being the most comprehensive text on the market, this text explores key issues and theories relevant to students who will soon be entering into public administration.
  • In-depth analysis of Canadian public administration practice and theory - each chapter contains an overview of the major paradigms and determinants that have shaped the policies or functions in question before examining possible future directions.
New to this Edition
  • Fifteen new chapters on a range of topics - including horizontal governance (Ch. 24), the meaning of ethics in the public sector (Ch. 20), administrative law (Ch. 4), and gendering public administration (Ch. 21) - offer students the most current coverage of key areas in public administration.
  • Ten revised chapters provide up-to-date material on topics such as federal spending power (Ch. 3), judicial administration (Ch. 8), Indigenous peoples and the reconciliation agenda (Ch. 13), and information, technology, and Canadian public administration (Ch. 22).
  • New introduction to the text's conceptual framework outlines the enduring structures of public administration and the challenges posed by new issues.
  • Improved pedagogical features - including new chapter overviews, new chapter objectives, key terms, and study questions - facilitate learning.
  • New online resources, including a student study guide, test bank, and lecture slides, offer support and enrich student learning.