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Working with Immigrants and Refugees

Issues, Theories, and Approaches for Social Work and Human Service Practice

Edited by Miu Chung Yan and Uzo Anucha

Working with Immigrants and Refugees examines the issues and processes that help, hinder, or obstruct the settlement experiences of newcomers to Canada. This contributed volume explores major challenges commonly faced by immigrants and refugees, especially those newcomers whose race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or position as an asylum seeker makes them particularly vulnerable. The text offers critical analysis of challenges and issues alongside practical suggestions and insights to ensure students are fully prepared to work with immigrants and refugees.

Readership : Mid- to upper-level social work courses focused on working with immigrants and refugees, cross-cultural social work, and social work practice with diverse populations, at universities and colleges.


  • "This [text] truly fills the gap that exists in Canadian literature around immigrants/refugee experiences. . . . The features that set it apart from other texts is its use of rich descriptive case examples, its explicit connections of theory to practice and that [it] is written from a Canadian perspective/Canadian focus."
    --Everton Lewis, Humber College

  • "This [text] represents a unique approach to working with immigrants and refugees. . . . The focus on pressing social issues facing immigrants and refugees, the focus on the issues facing particularly vulnerable groups within the immigrant and refugee communities, the avoidance of cultural essentialism, and perhaps most importantly, the focus on Canada make this an important contribution to the effort to address a huge deficiency in the Canadian social work literature. . . . There is nothing like this text in the Canadian context which focuses squarely on social work practice with immigrants and refugees."
    --Dave Sangha, University of Northern British Columbia

NOTE: Each chapter contains:
- Chapter objectives
- Key terms
Case Example boxes
- Chapter summary
Introduction: Setting the Context for Human Services Practice with Immigrants and Refugees in Canada, Miu Chung Yan and Uzo Anucha
Part I: Conceptualizing and Theorizing Human Services Practice with Immigrants and Refugees
1. Theories of Migration, Miu Chung Yan
2. Immigration Policy in Canada, Usha George
3. Building a Practice System for Working with Immigrants and Refugees: The SSLD Approach, A. Ka Tat Tsang and Bingyu Li
4. Building Inclusive and Welcoming Communities for Immigrants and Refugees, Julie Drolet with Haorui Wu
Part II: Major Challenges of Immigrants and Refugees
5. The Labour Market and Immigrants, Ruth Marie Wilson, Izumi Sakamoto, and Matthew D. Chin
6. Immigrants and Physical and Mental Health, Lin Fang and Dhvani Katakia
7. Immigrants and Refugees: Housing and Homelessness, Uzo Anucha, and Alex Lovell
Part III: Human Service Practice with Vulnerable Immigrant and Refugee Groups
8. Working with Immigrant Women and Families, Régine Uwibereyeho King and Maria Cheung
9. Social Work Practice with Immigrant and Refugee Men, David Este and Christa Sato
10. The Well-Being of Children from Immigrant Families, Sarah Maiter and Anh Ngo
11. The Well-Being of Youth from Immigrant and Refugee Families, Uzo Anucha, Maria Bernard, and Adanna Anucha
12. Social Work Practice with Older Immigrants, Daniel Lai, Gabrielle Daoust, and Lun Li
13. The Well-Being of Immigrants with Disabilities, Yahya El-Lahib
14. Social Work with LGBTQ Newcomers, Hannah Kia and Brian O'Neill
15. Working with Asylum Seekers, Marie Lacroix
Conclusion: Human Services Practice with Immigrants: Challenges, Gaps, and Promising Practices, Uzo Anucha and Miu Chung Yan

List of organizations and resources related to immigrants and refugees
- Created by the volume editors
E-Book (ISBN 9780199019267)

Miu Chung Yan is a professor in the School of Social Work at the University of British Columbia. As an applied qualitative researcher, he has been a principal investigator and co-investigator of over a dozen studies on the settlement needs and challenges of immigrants and refugees and on youth from immigrant families. Miu has also been studying the roles and functions of place-based community organizations as a social integration and community building mechanism. Findings of his studies have been extensively published in both Canadian and international scholarly journals.

Uzo Anucha is an associate professor in the School of Social Work at York University. Her community-engaged scholarship, teaching, and professional activities are centred on promoting equity and access for diverse communities within local, national, and international contexts. Her current research is focused on critical youth work. Uzo is the provincial academic director for the Youth Research and Evaluation eXchange - a provincial project with regional hubs in five schools of social work across Ontario, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (www.youthrex.com).
She has also served on a variety of community-based professional boards, including the Board of Accreditation of the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work.

Introduction to Social Work in Canada - Nicole Ives, Myriam Denov and Tamara Sussman
Diversity and Social Work in Canada - Edited by Alean Al-Krenawi, John R. Graham and Nazim Habibov
Interventions with Children and Youth in Canada - Maureen Cech
Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services - Brad McKenzie and The late Brian Wharf
Skills for Human Service Practice - Agi O'Hara, Zita Weber and Kathy Levine
Essential Law for Social Work Practice in Canada - Cheryl Regehr, Karima Kanani, Jesstina McFadden and Michael Saini
Mental Health Social Work Practice in Canada - Cheryl Regehr and Graham Glancy
Working with People - Louise Harms and Joanna Pierce
Challenging Oppression and Confronting Privilege - Bob Mullaly and Juliana West
The New Structural Social Work - Bob Mullaly
Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • The only ground-up Canadian text covering the key social work and human service issues facing immigrants and refugees in this country.
  • Contributed to by well-known experts in Canadian social work, many of whom are first-generation immigrants who have gone through the immigration and settlement process themselves.
  • Engaging case examples encourage students to think critically about social work practice.
  • Supportive pedagogy includes a glossary of key terms, chapter outlines, discussion questions, and suggested resources.
  • Organized into three accessible parts:
  • Part I: Covers theoretical, policy, and practical issues for human services practice with immigrants and refugees in the Canadian context.
  • Part II: Explores three major challenges faced by most immigrants and refugees: employment, health, and housing.
  • Part III: Uses an intersectional perspective to examine the oppressive experiences of different groups of newcomers.