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Rethinking Canada

The Promise of Women's History, Seventh Edition

Lara Campbell, Tamara Myers and Adele Perry

Now in its seventh edition, Rethinking Canada presents a collection of compelling essays on the fascinating lives, struggles, and contributions of women in Canadian history. Reflecting an interdisciplinary approach, this comprehensive and engaging resource stresses the diversity of women's history and demonstrates the analytic richness of ongoing research in the field. Featuring insightful chapter introductions that provide scholarly and historical context for each reading, Rethinking Canada helps students gain a more nuanced understanding of women's experiences across Canada's history.

Readership : Second- and third-year students taking Canadian women's history courses.


  • "Rethinking Canada presents a multiplicity of women's histories from a variety of social locations that allows feminist and critical race educators to examine the intersectionality of women's experiences with their students."
    --Elizabeth Brulé, York University

  • "The editors' introductions to each article are particularly valuable. These address succinctly the general contours of the article's historiographical context, provide citations that are extremely useful for students researching paper topics, and draw students' attention to key themes and connections to other articles in the reader."
    --Carmen Nielson, Mount Royal University

Lara Campbell, Tamara Myers, and Adele Perry: Introduction
1. Primary Document: Speech of Good Peter, 1788
Editors' Introduction
Kathryn Magee Labelle: "They Are the Life of the Nation": Women and War in Traditional Nadouek Society
2. Primary Document: The Selected Letters of Marie de l'Incarnation
Editors' Introduction
Mónica Díaz: Native American Women and Religion in the American Colonies: Textual and Visual Traces of an Imagined Community NEW
3. Primary Document: An Eighteenth-Century Visit to New France, 1752
Editors' Introduction
Jan Noel: "Fertile with Fine Talk": Ungoverned Tongues among Haudenosaunee Women and Their Neighbours NEW
4. Primary Document: Knox's Historical Journal
Editors' Introduction
Ann M. Little: Cloistered Bodies: Convents in the Anglo-American Imagination in the British Conquest of Canada NEW
5. Primary Document: Concerning Marguerite Guédry (Letters from Thomas Guédry, 1754)
Editors' Introduction
Anne Marie Lane Jonah: Speaking for Herself? Acadiennes Communicating Identity in Eighteenth-Century Île Royale NEW
6. Primary Document: Petition of Adam Vrooman, 18 April, 1793
Editors' Introduction
Afua Cooper: Acts of Resistance: Black Men and Women Engage Slavery in Upper Canada, 1793-1803
7. Primary Document: Deposition of Marie [Mary] Burke, 1832
Editors' Introduction
Mary Anne Poutanen: Bonds of Friendship, Kinship, and Community: Gender, Homelessness, and Mutual Aid in Early-Nineteenth-Century Montreal
8. Primary Document: Appendix to the Journals of the House of Assembly of the Province of Lower-Canada
Editors' Introduction
Bettina Bradbury: Women at the Hustings: Gender, Citizenship, and the Montreal By-Elections of 1832
9. Primary Document: Native Woman Loading Freight at Richmond Gulf Landing Stage, 1927
Editors' Introduction
Sherry Fearrell Racette: Nimble Fingers and Strong Backs: First Nations and Métis Women in Fur Trade and Rural Economies NEW
10. Primary Document: Class Tensions in Upper Canada in the 1830s
Editors' Introduction
Katherine M.J. McKenna: Women's Agency in Upper Canada: Prescott's Board of Police Record, 1834-1850 NEW
11. Primary Document: Graduating Class of 1889, Acadia Ladies Seminary
Editors' Introduction
Jennifer Harris: "Ushered into the Kitchen": Lalia Halfkenny, Instructor of English and Elocution at a Nineteenth-Century African American Women's College NEW
12. Primary Document: The Globe (Toronto), 1914
Editors' Introduction
Enakshi Dua: Exclusion through Inclusion: Female Asian Migration in the Making of Canada as a White Settler Nation
13. Primary Document: Dr Grace Ritchie-England's Letter Endorsing Sir Wilfrid Laurier, 1917
Editors' Introduction
Tarah Brookfield: Divided by the Ballot Box: The Montreal Council of Women and the 1917 Election
14. Primary Document: Provincial Archives of Manitoba (PAM), Anne Ross papers, 19 June 1948, and The Toronto Daily Star, 13 January 1948
Editors' Introduction
Julie Guard: The Politics of Milk: Canadian Housewives Organized in the 1930s NEW
15. Primary Document: Unidentified Nursing Sister Storing Supplies, 1943
Editors' Introduction
Cynthia Toman: Front Lines and Frontiers: War and Legitimate Work for Nurses, 1939-1945
16. Primary Document: Sugiman Family Collection
Editors' Introduction
Pamela Sugiman: "A Million Hearts from Here": Japanese-Canadian Mothers and Daughters and the Lessons of War NEW
17. Primary Document: "Why Wives Are Going Out to Work," Maclean's, 1951
Editors' Introduction
Joan Sangster: Gender, Ethnicity, and Immigrant Women in Postwar Canada NEW
18. Primary Document: RCMP Report, Vancouver Women's Caucus, 1970
Editors' Introduction
Christabelle Sethna and Steve Hewitt: Clandestine Operations: The Vancouver Women's Caucus, the Abortion Caravan and the RCMP NEW
19. Primary Document: Toronto Daily Star, 31 March 1967
Editors' Introduction
Heather A. Howard: Women's Class Strategies as Activism in Native Community Building in Toronto, 1950-1975
20. Primary Document: Brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, 1968
Editors' Introduction
Sean Mills: Québécoises deboutte! Nationalism and Feminism in Quebec, 1969-1975
21. Primary Document: Cross-Roads
Editors' Introduction
Liz Millward: Making a Scene: Struggles over Lesbian Place-Making in Anglophone Canada, 1964-1984 NEW
22. Primary Document: The Vancouver Sun, 1983
Editors' Introduction
Becki L. Ross: Sex and (Evacuation from) the City: The Moral and Legal Regulation of Sex Workers in Vancouver's West End, 1975-1985 NEW
23. Primary Document: The Gazette, 2000
Editors' Introduction
Yasmin Jiwani: Gendering Terror Post-9/11 NEW
24. Primary Document: United Nations Human Rights Committee Decision on the Lovelace Case, 1979
Editors' Introduction
Joanne Barker: Gender, Sovereignty, and the Discourse of Rights in Native Women's Activism

Instructor's Manual
- Updated discussion and debate questions
- 14 updated essay questions
For each chapter:
- 2-4 primary sources with discussion questions
- 2-4 articles with discussion questions
- 2-4 critical thinking questions
- 4-5 suggested further readings
- 3-5 suggested videos and websites (incl. social media)
Student Study Guide
For each chapter:
- NEW! 12 primary sources from Library Archives Canada
- 3-4 questions for critical thought
- 3-5 suggested videos and websites (incl. social media)
- Expanded glossary
E-Book (ISBN 9780199011094)

Lara Campbell is a professor and department chair in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Tamara Myers is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of British Columbia.

Adele Perry is a professor of history at the University of Manitoba and serves as the Canada research chair in Western Canadian social history.

Gender History - Willeen Keough and Lara Campbell
Writing History - William Kelleher Storey and Towser Jones
Home, Work, and Play - Edited by James Opp and John C. Walsh
Making Sense - Margot Northey and Joan McKibbin

Special Features

  • Spans the 1700s to the present day across a variety of regions, providing students with an extensive look at Canadian women's history.
  • Offers an inclusive account of the history of Canadian women by featuring a broad range of stories--including those of minorities, marginalized women, and women of different social classes--recognizing the diversity of this country.
  • Insightful chapter introductions provide context for selected readings, reflecting the developments of such studies as feminist and post-structural theories, and gender, queer, and postcolonial studies.
  • Engaging primary source documents at the beginning of each chapter provide students with real-world context for topics covered in the text.
  • Balanced chronological coverage ensures this text is a great fit for half-semester courses spanning 1700-1912, as well as full-year courses covering the 18th-21st centuries.
  • A fresh, clear writing style makes the material engaging and understandable for students.
New to this Edition
  • Fourteen new readings by leading scholars from across the country on topics such as First Nations and Métis women in the fur trade and rural economies; the organizations of Canadian Housewives in the 1930s; and moral and legal regulations of Vancouver's west-end sex workers provide students with the most up-to-date scholarship in the discipline.
  • Fifteen new primary sources in chapter-opening boxes present students with fascinating first-hand accounts of history.
  • New and updated chapter introductions situate students in the historical context of the chapters.
  • End-of-chapter questions for critical thought present students with the opportunity to exercise critical thought over the ideas and material presented in each chapter.
  • New timeline of major events in women's history helps students better understand the chronological context of the subject matter.
  • New suggestions for further reading in each chapter.