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October 2013

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Academic Inquiry

Writing for Post-secondary Success

Scott Douglas

Honouring a learner-centred approach, Academic Inquiry offers essay writing instruction within the context of relevant academic material. Douglas empowers students to develop individualized inquiry questions to guide their learning and inspire their writing. Learners delve into authentic undergraduate content from six disciplines, including Business, Engineering, and Health Sciences, while mastering fundamental essay writing skills and strategies. Each theme-based unit teaches one essential rhetorical structure, breaking the writing process down into manageable chunks from brainstorming ideas to proofreading final drafts. Model paragraphs and essays throughout the text, along with ample opportunity for hands-on practice, provide the support needed by emerging writers. As they cultivate their writing skills and build up their content knowledge, students are encouraged to explore their own academic interests, thus engaging more deeply with their research and writing.

Readership : Academic Inquiry: Writing for Post-secondary Success is a core writing text for advanced EAP students preparing for English post-secondary studies. It is also appropriate for first-year communications courses for non-native English speakers.

Unit 1: Learning an Additional Language
Academic Discipline: Education
Unit Outcome: Standard Essay
Unit 2: Canadian Ecosystems
Academic Discipline: Ecology
Unit Outcome: Cause and Effect Essay
Unit 3: Health and Wellness in Canada
Academic Discipline: Health Sciences
Unit Outcome: Summary and Response Essay
Unit 4: Technological Processes
Academic Discipline: Science and Engineering
Unit Outcome: Process Essay
Unit 5: Comparative Politics: Canada and the World
Academic Discipline: Political Science
Unit Outcome: Compare and Contrast Essay
Unit 6: Marketing in Canada
Academic Discipline: Business
Unit Outcome: Persuasive Essay

Teacher's Resource: Academic Inquiry Companion Site

Scott Roy Douglas is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus. At UBC, he works with pre-service and in-service teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Previously, he taught English as an Additional Language throughout the world, including six years of teaching English for Academic Purposes at the University of Calgary and two years of teaching Intensive English Studies at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Dr. Douglas' current research priorities include writing assessment, vocabulary acquisition, and English for Academic Purposes curriculum and materials design. He holds a PhD from the University of Calgary with a specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and is the co-author of Q: Skills for Success Reading and Writing 5, published by Oxford University Press.

Special Features

  • Language-through-content approach. Exposes students to authentic undergraduate academic content, which acts as a vehicle for writing, grammar, and vocabulary instruction.
  • Inquiry-based. Fosters engagement in the writing process with a learner-centred focus-students are encouraged to develop their own essay topics.
  • Systematic vocabulary instruction. Focuses on both AWL and mid-frequency vocabulary, allowing for multiple encounters with the target words on both an input and an output level.
  • Logical, step-by-step essay writing process. Includes strategies and skill development to guide students through the six essay structures.
  • Practical, productive activities. Provides ample opportunity for students to exercise their skills as they work through the fundamentals of essay writing.
  • Canadian. Written by a Canadian author; offers a Canadian perspective on each of the six academic disciplines.