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Print Price: $65.95

528 pp.
224 full-colour illustrations, 8" x 10"


Publication date:
October 2012

Imprint: OUP Canada

A Concise History of Canadian Painting

Third Edition

Dennis Reid

For more than 30 years, Dennis Reid's A Concise History of Canadian Painting has been the definitive volume on the art of a nation. This narrative history begins in the late seventeenth century with the European-influenced masters of New France. From there, Reid traces the development of distinctive movements, techniques, and subjects that would come to define Canadian art in the twentieth century, and its continuous evolution in form and style in the years beyond.

Reid's masterful critical eye, eloquent voice, and unrivalled historical perspective create a wide-ranging account praised by critics and readers alike. The highly anticipated third edition, fully revised throughout, brings the work up to date with a new chapter on significant artists and movements since 1980. Redesigned in full-colour, with over 220 illustrations, this attractive new edition is an indispensible guide and compelling read.

Informative, comprehensive, and beautifully illustrated, A Concise History of Canadian Painting is an essential addition to any art lover's library.

Readership : Those in the field of art history - curators, professors, and students alike - will look to this new edition for the latest research on Canadian painting since 1980 to supplement the Second Edition. As well, those with a perennial interest in the visual arts, as well as readers looking for a concise and accessible overview of Canadian painting, will find this volume a valuable source of information.


  • "For this lavishly illustrated history, one could scarcely be in better hands than those of Dennis Reid ..."

    --Globe and Mail

  • "A Concise History of Canadian Painting, Third Edition, remains an invaluable resource for art-lovers, history buffs and Canadianists alike."

    --National Gallery of Canada Magazine

List of Illustrations
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
1. Painting in New France 1665-1760
2. Painting in British North America 1760-1860
3. French-Speaking Artists in Montreal 1785-1830 and Quebec 1820-1860
4. Paul Kane and Cornelius Krieghoff 1845-1865
5. English Immigrant Artists in Canada West 1850-1870
6. Landscape Painters in Montreal and Toronto 1860-1890
7. The 'French' Period in Canadian Art 1880-1915
8. Homer Watson and Ozias Leduc 1880-1930
9. The Canadian Art Club 1907-1915
10. Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven 1913-1931
11. Emily Carr, LeMoine FitzGerald, and David Milne 1912-1950
12. The Canadian Group of Painters 1933-1945
13. John Lyman and the Contemporary Arts Society 1939-1948
14. Paul-Émile Borduas and Les Automatistes 1946-1960
15. Painters Eleven 1953-1960
16. A Continuing Tradition 1955-1965
17. The Death and Rebirth of Painting 1965-1980
18. Creative Diversity 1980-2000

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Dennis Reid is professor of Art History at the University of Toronto and former director of Collections and Research at the Art Gallery of Ontario. He is the author of Tom Thomson and Greg Curnoe: Life and Stuff. In 1998 he was made a member of the Order of Canada.

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Special Features

  • Considered the definitive volume on Canadian art, this is the standard text used in Art History courses.
  • More than 60,000 copies sold of the First and Second Editions.
  • Dennis Reid was a curator at the AGO for over 30 years and offers unrivalled historical perspective.
  • Redesigned in full colour with over 220 illustrations.
  • Highly-readable writing style makes the book accessible to the general reader.