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Imprint: OUP Canada

Native Peoples

The Canadian Experience, Fourth Edition

Edited by C. Roderick Wilson and Christopher Fletcher

Taking an anthropological approach, this text examines the history and culture of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis societies across Canada. Each chapter focuses on a specific community and a particular theoretical perspective, offering students an insightful treatment of the anthropological study of Native groups.

Readership : Second-, third-, and fourth-year undergraduate courses on First Nations peoples in First Nations or Aboriginal studies and anthropology departments. Also suitable for courses in sociology, Canadian society and history, and cultural studies departments.

Part One: Introduction
1. R. Bruce Morrison, C. Roderick Wilson, and Christopher Fletcher: On the Study of Native Peoples
2. C. Roderick Wilson and Carl Urion: From the Beginning: Canadian Peoples Old and New
Part Two: The Arctic
3. Ernest S. Burch Jr and Christopher Fletcher: The Eskaleuts: A Regional Overview
4. Christopher Fletcher: Continuity and Change in Inuit Society
5. Ernest S. Burch Jr: The Caribou Inuit
Part Three: The Eastern Subarctic
6. Jennifer S.H. Brown and C. Roderick Wilson: The Eastern Subarctic: A Regional Overview
7. Harvey A. Feit: Hunting and the Quest for Power: Relationships between James Bay Crees, the Land, and Development
8. Sylvie Poirier: The Atikamekw: Reflections on Their Changing World
Part Four: The Western Subarctic
9. C. Roderick Wilson: The Western Subarctic: A Regional Overview
10. Jean-Guy A. Goulet: The Dene Tha' of Chateh: Continuities and Transformations
11. Robert Wishart: The Mackenzie Valley Dene: The Continuing Relevance of Asch's Ethnohistory to Development NEW
12. Brenda Parlee, Alestine Andre, and Ingrid Kritsch: Offerings of Stewardship: Celebrating Life and Livelihood of Gwich'in Women in the Northwest Territories NEW
Part Five: The Eastern Woodlands
13. Mary Druke Becker and Thomas S. Abler: Farmers and Hunters of the Eastern Woodlands: A Regional Overview
14. Thomas S. Abler: Iroquois and Iroquoians in Canada and North America NEW
15. Roger Lewis and Trudy Sable: The Mi'kmaq: T'an Mi'kmaqik telo'ltipni'k Mi'kma'kik - How the People Lived in Mi'kma'kik' NEW
Part Six: The Plains
16. C. Roderick Wilson: Myths and Realities: An Overview of the Plains
17. Hugh A. Dempsey, L. James Dempsey: The Blackfoot Nation
18. Heather Devine: The Plains Metis NEW
19. Sarah Carter: "We Must Farm to Enable Us to Live": The Plains Cree and Agriculture to 1900
Part Seven: The Plateau
20. Douglas Hudson and Marianne Ignace: The Plateau: A Regional Overview
21. Douglas Hudson: The Okanagan
22. Marianne Ignace and Ron Igance: The Secwépemc: Traditional Resource Use and Rights to Land
Part Eight: The Northwest Coast
23. Margaret Seguin Anderson: The Northwest Coast: A Regional Overview
24. Margaret Seguin Anderson: Understanding Tsimshian Potlatch
25. Michael Marker: The Coast Salish: Transnational Identities in the Land of the Transformer (NEW)
Part Nine: Conclusion
26. C. Roderick Wilson, R. Bruce Morrison, and Christopher Fletcher: Taking Stock: Legacies and Prospects

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C. Roderick Wilson is recently retired from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta.

Christopher Fletcher is associate professor in the Département de Médecine Sociale et Préventive at Université Laval.

This Land Was Theirs - Wendell H. Oswalt
Aboriginal History - Edited by Kristin Burnett and Geoff Read
A Concise History of Canada's First Nations - Olive Patricia Dickason and William Newbigging
Canada's First Nations - The late Olive Patricia Dickason and David T. McNab
Visions of the Heart - Olive Patricia Dickason and David Long

Special Features

  • Geographic, issues-based approach surveys seven different regions with an in-depth exploration of specific Aboriginal groups - such as the James Bay Cree, the Blackfoot, and the Secwepemc.
  • Contributed by experts in the field, offering students an authoritative introduction to Native communities across Canada.
  • Each chapter focuses on a particular theory - such as ethnobiology, ethnohistory, feminist anthropology, and medical anthropology - giving students a broad treatment of the current state of anthropology in Canada.
  • Regional overviews at the beginning of each chapter introduce the region and its people, providing context before launching into the material.
  • Explores the experience of Native peoples in Canada today, covering topics such as gender, the role of elders in Aboriginal society, Aboriginal leadership, and urbanization.
New to this Edition
  • Six new chapters offer fresh perspectives on Aboriginal groups across the country, including groups from the Western Subarctic, the Eastern Woodlands, the Plains, and the Northwest Coast.
  • Updated to reflect changes in research, court cases, and legislation giving students an accurate and current representation of social and political circumstances in Canada.
  • Updated to include current terminology for Native group names, as well as noting controversy for contested or complicated groups.