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Print Price: $29.95

232 pp.
8.75" x 11"


Publication date:
June 2008

Imprint: OUP Canada

Canadian Oxford World Atlas

Sixth Edition

Edited by Quentin Stanford

The new 6th edition of the bestselling Canadian Oxford World Atlas has been completely revised and updated to reflect the significant changes in the world today. It features the recent 2007 census data from Statistics Canada, increased satellite imagery, expanded coverage on climate change, fisheries, endangered species and more. Bright, clear, and easy-to-read maps of Canada and the world are presented in full colour throughout. New to this edition is the Look Forward/Look Backward icon which allows readers to easily find more information on a topic if it appears on another page. Completely Canadian and packed with brand new content, the sixth edition of the Canadian Oxford World Atlas brings this landmark reference book completely up to date.

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Quentin H. Stanford is a retired teacher and a Senior editor of previous editions of the Canadian Oxford World Atlas. He lives in Markdale, Ontario.

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Special Features

  • Completely revised and updated.
  • March 2007 census data from Statistics Canada.
  • Satellite imagery expanded by 50%.
  • Satellite and composite images.
  • Cross-referenced with the Look Forward/Look Backward icons.
  • Expanded coverage on climate change, ecozones, fisheries, endangered species, marine protected areas and much more.