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472 pp.
98 b&w photographs, 9.25" x 6"


Publication date:
April 2003

Imprint: OUP Canada

The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volume III: 1921-1929

Edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston

Elizabeth Waterston is a 2011 Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada.

In the 1920s, L.M. Montgomery is in mature mid-life, and her personal and professional lives are becoming even more complex. Montgomery juggles the demands of motherhood, parish obligations, indifferent household help, grief at the loss of older friends and family, and appeals by her P.E.I. clan for advice and assistance. There are also triumphs and trials more closely related to her position as a best-selling author: growing fame, the successful launch of her new heroines 'Emily' and 'Marigold', the struggle to allocate time for correspondence with publishers and fans -- and actually to write.

We trace the happy conclusion of her lawsuits against an unscrupulous publisher, and the disappointing outcome of the tempest-in-a-teapot suit arising from a minor automobile accident. There are more personal worries: the Rev. Ewan Macdonald's envy of his wife's publishing and social success; the dark shadow cast by his recurrent attacks of religious melancholia; her concern lest their sons show similar tendencies. This volume of her journals shows Montgomery to be a complex, sensitive, successful and surprisingly contemporary writer.


  • 'The third volume of Montgomery's journals, again superbly edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston, is a beacon of sound scholarship and fine balance.' London Free Press
  • 'Montgomery's most exciting book-so far.' Books in Canada
  • 'These are journals so enlightening, so full of wisdom, humor, philosophy and tragedy that they are worth a winter's reading and reflection.' Ottawa Citizen
  • 'Like the first two, it makes for compulsive reading as a document at once personal and brilliantly illuminative of a decade of our social history.' Literary Review of Canada
  • 'The book, however, is irresistible to anyone who has read Montgomery's fiction....In it, Montgomery comes to life in a way that is only possible in the pages of a journal.' Toronto Star

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Mary Henley Rubio and Elizabeth Hillman Waterston are the editors of all five volumes of Montgomery's journals, co-founders and editors of the journal CCL: Canadian Children's Literature, and co-authors of Writing a Life: L.M. Montgomery. They have collaborated on writing and editing projects since 1975 at the University of Guelph, where Mary Rubio is Professor of English and Elizabeth Waterston is Professor Emeritus.

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Special Features

  • The third volume of the extremely successful collection of journals is now available in paperback
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery's critical reputation continues to grow with the establishment of the L.M. Montgomery Institute at UPEI
  • Over 12,000 copies of this volume have sold in hardcover