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Contemporary Bioethics

A Reader with Cases

Jessica Pierce and George Randels

Incorporating introductions, readings, and cases that span the breadth of the discipline, Contemporary Bioethics: A Reader with Cases captures the spirit of bioethics as a rich, exciting, and continually evolving field. It covers all the essential topics - including abortion, reproductive ethics, end-of-life care, research ethics, and allocation of resources - and also extends into cutting-edge areas like environmental sustainability, terrorism, neuroethics, immigration, genetic manipulations, and links between first- and third-world health. The book opens with a substantial introduction that explores key differences between secular and religious modes of argumentation. Each of the following chapters contains an in-depth introduction, a selection of concise readings, discussion questions, and a collection of 7-10 case studies.

Chapters 2-8 open with an Introduction
1. Bioethics: An Introduction to the Discipline
What is Bioethics?
Bioethics: Theory and Method
Religion and Bioethics
Bioethics Comes of Age: An Expanding Moral Framework and Vocabulary
References and Further Reading
2. Doctors and Patients
The Profession of Medicine
Howard Markel: "I Swear by Apollo--On Taking the Hippocratic Oath"
Louis Lasagna: "Hippocratic Oath, Modern Version"
American Medical Association: "Principles of Medical Ethics"
Matthew K. Wynia, Stephen R. Latham, Audiey C. Kao, Jessica W. Berg, Linda L. Emanuel: "Medical Professionalism in Society"
The Obligations of Doctors to Their Patients
American Medical Association: "Fundamental Elements of the Patient-Physician Relationship"
Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress: "Respect for Autonomy"
Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress: "The Meaning and Justification of Informed Consent"
Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress: "Standards for Surrogate Decision Making"
American Medical Association: "Patient Confidentiality"
Kenneth Kipnis: "A Defense of Unqualified Medical Confidentiality"
Ruiping Fan and Benfu Li: "Truth Telling in Medicine: The Confucian View"
Responsibilities of Patients
American Medical Association: "Patient Responsibilities"
Leonard C. Groopman, Franklin G. Miller, and Joseph J. Fins: "The Patient's Work"
Maureen Kelley: "Limits on Patient Responsibility"
Doctors and Society
Franklin G. Miller, Howard Brody, and Kevin C. Chung: "Cosmetic Surgery and the Internal Morality of Medicine"
M. Gregg Bloche and Jonathan H. Marks: "When Doctors Go to War"
The White Coat
Can a Killer Be a Doctor?
Vaccine Skeptics Refuse to Inoculate Children
Should Medical Students Believe in Evolution? The Case of Professor Dini
Pillow Angel
College Student Requests Modafinil
3. At the End of Life
Defining Death
James L. Bernat: "The Whole-Brain Concept of Death Remains Optimum Public Policy"
Robert M. Veatch: "The Conscience Clause: How Much Individual Choice in Defining Death Can Our Society Tolerate?"
How Much Treatment?
Leon R. Kass: "The Case for Mortality"
Eric Gampel: "Does Professional Autonomy Protect Medical Futility Judgments?"
Rejecting Treatment
Jukka Varelius: "Autonomy, Wellbeing, and the Case of the Refusing Patient"
John D. Arras: "The Severely Demented, Minimally Functional Patient: An Ethical Analysis"
John A. Robertson: "Extreme Prematurity and Parental Rights After Baby Doe"
John J. Paris, Neil Graham, Michael D. Schreiber, and Michele Goodwin: "Has the Emphasis on Autonomy Gone Too Far? Insights from Dostoevsky on Parental Decisionmaking in the NICU"
David Casarett, Jennifer Kapo, and Arthur Caplan: "Appropriate Use of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration--Fundamental Principles and Recommendations"
Thomas A. Shannon and James J. Walter: "Assisted Nutrition and Hydration and the Catholic Tradition"
Hastening Death
Roger Magnusson: "The Devil's Choice: Re-Thinking Law, Ethics, and Symptom Relief in Palliative Care"usson
Peter Singer: "Voluntary Euthanasia: A Utilitarian Perspective"
Damien Keown: "End of Life: The Buddhist View"
Susan M. Wolf: "Gender, Feminism, and Death: Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia"
Michael B. Gill: "A Moral Defense of Oregon's Physician-Assisted Suicide Law"
Not Dead Yet--Part I
Not Dead Yet--Part II (or There Is Cryonics in Baseball)
Slow Medicine
Is There Anybody in There?
A Patient's Rights Act? The Limits of Patient Autonomy in Israel
The Texas Advance Directives Act
Don't Mess with Texas: Cancer, Custody, and Katie
Not Dead Yet--Part III
The Groningen Protocol--Euthanasia for Newborns
A Friend in Need
4. At the Beginnings of Life
Judith Jarvis Thomson: "A Defense of Abortion"
Don Marquis: "Abortion and the Beginning and End of Human Life"
Farhat Moazam: "Feminist Discourse on Sex Screening and Selective Abortion of Female Foetuses"
Christopher Kaczor: "Could Artificial Wombs End the Abortion Debate?"
Julie Cantor and Ken Baum: "The Limits of Conscientious Objection--May Pharmacists Refuse to Fill Prescriptions for Emergency Contraception?"
Maternal-Fetal Relations
Mary B. Mahowald: "Distinguishing Features of Women's Health Care"
Deborah Hornstra: "A Realistic Approach to Maternal-Fetal Conflict"
Reproductive Technology
Thomas H. Murray: "What Are Families For? Getting to an Ethics of Reproductive Technology"
Paul Lauritzen: "Whose Bodies? Which Selves? Appeals to Embodiment in Assessments of Reproductive Technology"
Janice G. Raymond: "Reproductive Gifts and Gift Giving: The Altruistic Woman"
Alan Wertheimer: "Two Questions About Surrogacy and Exploitation"
Human Cloning
Leon R. Kass: "Preventing a Brave New World,"
Raanan Gillon: "Human Reproductive Cloning: A Look at the Arguments Against It and a Rejection of Most of Them"
Measure for Measure
Where the Boys Are
What's Plan C? Pharmacist Refusal to Distribute Plan B
Safe in the Womb?
McKnight v. South Carolina
Amber Alert
A Person, No Matter How Small?
Veto Power
Surrogacy Specialists of America (SSA)
Free to Be Me (Again?)
5. Distributing and Procuring Health Care Resources
Access to Health Care
Norman Daniels: "Justice, Health, and Healthcare"
H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.: "Rights to Health Care, Social Justice, and Fairness in Health Care Allocations: Frustrations in the Face of Finitude"
Paul Menzel and Donald W. Light: "A Conservative Case for Universal Access to Health Care"
James Dwyer: "Illegal Immigrants, Health Care, and Social Responsibility"
Milton C. Weinstein: "Should Physicians Be Gatekeepers of Medical Resources?"
Robert D. Truog, Dan W. Brock, Deborah I. Cook, Marion Danis, John M. Luce, Gordon Rubenfeld, and Mitchell Levy: "Rationing in The Intensive Care Unit"
Organizational Ethics
Ezekiel J. Emanuel: "Justice and Managed Care: Four Principles for the Just Allocation of Health Care Resources"
John A. Gallagher and Jerry Goodstein: "Fulfilling Institutional Responsibilities in Health Care: Organizational Ethics and the Role of Mission Discernment"
Organ Transplantation
Walter Glannon: "Responsibility, Alcoholism, and Liver Transplantation"
Joseph L. Verheijde, Mohamed Y. Rady, and Joan McGregor: "Recovery of Transplantable Organs after Cardiac or Circulatory death: Transforming the Paradigm for the Ethics of Organ Donation"
Barbro Björkman: "Why We Are Not Allowed to Sell That Which We Are Encouraged to Donate"
Michael B. Gill: "Presumed Consent, Autonomy, and Organ Donation"
David Steinberg: "An 'Opting in' Paradigm for Kidney Transplantation"
The Health of Nations
The "Commonhealth" of Massachusetts
Should Illegal Immigrants Have Access to Health Care?
Blue Cross Seeks Physician Informants
Age-Based Rationing
Living the Mission
Early Harvest--Removing Organs After Cardiac Death
Presumed Consent and Organ Donation
Pat Summerall's New Liver
6. Biomedical Research
Research on Human Subjects
"The Nuremburg Code"
The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research
"Declaration of Helsinki: Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects"
David Orentlicher: "Making Research a Requirement of Treatment: Why We Should Sometimes Let Doctors Pressure Patients to Participate in Research"
Carl Elliott: "Guinea-pigging"
Alex John London: "Justice and the Human Development Approach to International Research"
Stem Cell and Cloning Research
President's Council on Bioethics: "Monitoring Stem Cell Research: Introduction"
Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research: Vol. 3, Religious Perspectives, National Bioethics Advisory Commission
Geron Ethics Advisory Board: "Research with Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Ethical Considerations"
Animals as Research Subjects (or Objects)
David DeGrazia: "The Ethics of Animal Research: What Are the Prospects for Agreement?"
Council for International Organization of Medical Sciences: "International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals"
National Research Council: "Pain and Distress" and "Animal Models Involving Pain"
Medicare Requires Heart Patients to Enlist in Research
Empathic Mice
Orphan Diseases
In Defense of Animals (IDA) Urges NIH to Halt Animal Nicotine Experiments
Pharmacological Research on Pregnant Women
Stem Cell Research--"Dead" Embryos?
Dying Patients and the Right to Try Experimental Drugs
Surgeon as Animal Rights Warrior
Great Ape Protection Act
7. Genetics, Biotechnology, and Posthuman Possibilities
Technological Manipulations and Posthuman Futures
President's Council on Bioethics: "Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness: An Introduction"
Michael J. Sandel: "The Case Against Perfection"
Sara Goering: "Gene Therapies and the Pursuit of a Better Human"
Jeffrey H. Burack: "Jewish Reflections on Genetic Enhancement"
Nick Bostrom: "Transhumanist Values"
Enhancing the Mind
Paul Root Wolpe: "Treatment, Enhancement, and the Ethics of Neurotherapeutics"
President's Council on Bioethics: "Memory and Happiness"
Genetics and Future Children
Dena S. Davis: "Genetic Dilemmas and the Child's Right to an Open Future"
John A. Robertson: "Extending Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Medical and Non-Medical Uses"
DNAdirect.com: Direct-to-Consumer Marketing of Genetic Tests
Playing God in the West, but Not in the East
Myriad Genetics and the BRCA-2 Gene
Mo Money
Consumer Eugenics
Williams Syndrome and PGD
Better Brains Through "Chemistry"
Therapeutic Forgetting
Soul Catcher 2025
Be More Than You Can Be
8. Environmental Turn in Bioethics
Redefining Bioethics, Redefining Health
Wendell Berry: "Health is Membership"
Ted Schettler: "Toward an Ecological View of Health: An Imperative for the Twenty-First Century"
Jessica Pierce and Andrew Jameton: "New Ways of Thinking About Bioethics"
Health and the Environment
A.J. McMichael, A. Nyong, and C. Corvalan: "Global Environmental Change and Health: Impacts, Inequalities, and the Health Sector"
Eric Chivian and Aaron S. Bernstein: "Embedded in Nature: Human Health and Biodiversity"
Sustainable Health Care
Andrew Jameton and Jessica Pierce: "Sustainable Health Care and Emerging Ethical Responsibilities"
Daniel Bednarz: "Medicine After Oil: It Could Be Distributed a Lot More Democratically"
Paul Carrick: "Deep Ecology and End-of-Life Care"
American Medical Association: "Declaration of Professional Responsibility: Medicine's Social Contract with Humanity"
American Medical Association: "Stewardship of the Environment: Policy H-135.973"
Malaria and DDT
Physicians and the Environmental Imperative
Population Connection
Sustainable Trials
Asthma Inhalers and Ozone
Mussels on Prozac

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Jessica Pierce is Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder. George Randels is Chair and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of the Pacific.

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