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When you choose an Oxford University Press text, you are helping support scholarship and education in Canada and around the world.

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As a department of the University of Oxford, Oxford University Press (OUP) furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.


OUP reinvests all its proceeds into scholarship and education. This enables us to support initiatives that make a difference:

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Since 2001, OUP-funded Clarendon scholarships have helped over 2000 graduate students reach their academic goals—including over 80 scholars from Canada.

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Since 2006, OUP has transferred £5 million each year to the John Fell Fund to support innovative research at the University of Oxford. Over 500 research projects have been completed to date in a wide range of academic disciplines.

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As a department of the University, OUP is uniquely situated to publish the highest quality scholarship at the best possible prices worldwide. Our Canadian publishing program offers textbooks written expressly for students in Canada.

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When you choose an OUP text for your course, you are not only choosing a quality resource, carefully designed to help you and your students have a successful term, you are also helping to support other scholars and learners in Canada and around the world.

We could not make an impact without you. Thank you for your support!

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For inquiries or to purchase a text, please contact our team at customer.service.ca@oup.com.

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For more information about our Canadian publishing program or to find a text for your course, visit our catalogue.