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Chapter 1: Understandings of Globalization

Chapter 2: Identity and Culture in a Globalizing World

  • p. 32: definition of Metis
    Métis National Council definition of “Métis.”

  • p. 36: Michif language
    Translations of various Michif words and phrases.

  • p. 43: Moana Maniapoto
    Official website of Maori singer Moana Maniapoto, with links to audio clips of her songs as well as biographical information, information about the Maori people, and the singer’s upcoming projects and tours.

Chapter 3: Technologies and Promotion of Culture in a Globalizaing World

  • p. 51: Institut de la Statistique Québec
    Statistical information about Québec’s economy, culture, and society. Information about the most recent box office figures can be found here.

  • p. 52: Popstart
    Canadian website promoting interdisciplinary artists and art.

  • p. 56: La Francophonie en Colombie-Britannique
    Organization dedicated to bringing together Francophones and promoting the Francophone community within British Columbia. Site contains links to French-language resources, job postings, cultural events, government services, educational opportunities, information for newcomers, and more.

  • p. 56 Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA)
    The society’s website contains a searchable database of articles as well as classroom resources, and links to Aboriginal newspapers in various provinces.

  • p. 57: Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC)
    The Association’s website contains information about its mandate and structure, as well as reports on issues of interest and importance to Aboriginal women and links to organizations involved in the rights and interests of women, children, and families.

  • p. 64: UNESCO’s Red Book of Endangered Languages
    Database of endangered languages around the world, organized by continent. Provides information about a language’s geographical region, variants, relationships with other languages, and current status.

  • p. 65: First Voices
    Ingienous languages database with information about the status of a language, information about its region and associated culture(s), audio clips, language-learning games, and more.

Chapter 4: Global Challenges

  • p. 79: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    The official source of information relating to Canadian citizenship and immigration, with information on how to apply to immigrate, study, work, or visit Canada, as well as how to sponsor your family. Information on Canadian citizenship, programs and advice for newcomers, and the refugee system is also available.

  • p. 83: National Sorry Days in Australia
    Website of the National Sorry Day Committee, with official statements, speeches, documents, background information, links to Indigenous organizations and artciles in other countries, and more.

  • p. 86: Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act
    An interpretive bulletin explaining the provisions of Alberta’s Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act.

Chapter 6: Cultural Contact

  • p. 120: Interactive historical maps
    Collection of interactive maps of various regions and time periods, with interactive features such as trade routes and close-ups.

  • p. 126: Revival of Aboriginal culture
    The U’mista Cultural Society’s website features a historical potlatch collection with background information and images, as well as information about cultural events and the Kwak’wala speaking nations.

  • p. 128: Six Nations Confederacy
    The official webpage of the Haudenosaunee people, with information about the Great Law of Peace and Grand Council, Haudenosaunee culture, various treaties, and threats to traditional governments.

Chapter 7: Historical Globalization and Imperialism

Chapter 8: Imperialist Policies and Practices

Chapter 9: Historical Origins and Contemporary Issues

Chapter 10: Economic Globalization

  • p. 211: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    Factsheet: The IMF at a Glance provides an overview of the organization and what it does, as well as a “Fast Facts” box with membership, staff, budget, and other figures.

  • p. 219: Council of Canadians
    The group’s homepage, featuring links to information about what they do, current campaigns, media coverage, publications, and chapters.

  • p. 219: Public Citizen
    Homepage of US organization founded by Ralph Nader with a mandate for protecting the public’s interests. Contains links to “hot issues,” current campaigns, and publications. Also organizes information according to six areas: auto safety, Congress Watch, energy program, global trade watch, the Health Research Group, and the Litigation Group.

  • p. 220: International Trade Canada
    Homepage of federal government department Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Chapter 11: The Expansion of Economic Globalization

Chapter 12: Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Globalization

  • p. 260: Debt, Aids, Trade, Africa (DATA)
    Homepage of organization whose mandate is to raise awareness about and initiate responses to crises in Africa which stem from debt, AIDs and trade agreements. Contains press releases on various issues as well as links to articles about the issues and information on how people can become involved.

Chapter 13: Impacts on Environments

  • p. 286: Sustainable Resource Development
    Government of Alberta website with articles and information about various resource and wildlife management issues. Following the “Forests” link leads to a “Quick Link” for Forest Management Agreements (FMAs).

Chapter 14: Global Sustainability and Prosperity

Chapter 15: An Introduction to Quality of Life, Human Rights, and Democratization

Chapter 16: Impacts of Globalization on Groups in Society

Chapter 17: Effects of Globalization on Individuals and Communities

Chapter 18: Civic Responsibilities in a Globalizing World

Chapter 19: Your Global Citizenship