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Units 5 & 6

The Distribution of World Wealth 
  • The World Factbook: Africa
    Look up statistics including GDP and Life Expectancy at Birth for any country in Africa. 
  • The World Factbook
    Select a country from the pull-down menu to find geographical, economic, industrial, and social information about countries worldwide. 
  • Country Reports
    Gather basic information about countries throughout the world. 
  • The Millennium Development Goals
    Learn about the United Nations Millennium Campaign to rid the world of poverty. 
  • UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund)
    Discover information about developing nations around the world. You may want to ask your teacher to help if some of the information is difficult to understand. 
  • Vitamins
    This site explains the need for certain vitamins that are needed for developing a healthy body. What are young people missing in their diet in developing countries? Without these vitamins, what can happen to them?

Organizations Offering Assistance Worldwide 
  • Oxfam Kids
    Find out about Oxfam, their mission and goals, and see some of the projects they are working on around the world. 
  • Oxfam's Cool Planet
    Information about a variety of countries and cultures around the world where Oxfam works. 
  • Mennonite Central Committee: MCC Around the World
    Find out how this Christian organization helps others throughout the world. 
  • CARE: CARE’s Work
    Look at parts of the world to see how the CARE program is helping others. 
  • UNICEF: Information by Country
    Examine this site to see how the United Nations Children’s Fund helps children around the globe. 
  • UNICEF: Voices of Youth
    Find out how you can have a voice in helping the world’s children. 
  • World Vision International
    Find out about World Vision’s programs to help young people and villages around the world. 
  • World Vision Canada
    Discover how Canadians can help with World Vision’s goals to help young children worldwide. Follow the Programs and Projects link to find out about specific projects. 
  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank
    Canadian farmers helping out the world’s hungry through donations of time and grains. 
  • Free the Children
    Started by a 12-year-old, this organization is one of the few youth-helping-youth organizations in the world. Find out how you can help!

Human Rights 

Provincial Human Rights Commissions in Atlantic Canada: 

Wildlife and Heritage in Canada