Discover the first literacy program researched and developed specifically for 21st century children
  • Continuous characters engaging in action packed,
    exciting 3D adventures
  • 90 leveled and thematically linked fiction and nonfiction titles
  • Guided and independent reading with powerful possibilities
    for all learners
  • What are teachers saying about Project X?!
Project X: Series Overview
You've heard of time travel...
But have you heard of micro-travel?
One amazing discovery, many amazing micro adventures! Join Max, Kat, Jet and Leo as they unravel the mystery of their secret watches and save the world from the maniacal Dr. X. The characters and plot develop over several guided reading levels and thematic clusters, each containing three titles. Each cluster includes:

  • 2x Character Fiction - exciting stories with fun 3D characters
  • 1x Character Non-fiction - fantastic non-fiction books with the Project X characters as guides for developing readers

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Team X - Micro Adventurers

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The Villians

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The Micro Machines

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Project X: Features and Resources
Project X is a high-quality program designed to motivate 21st century learners, especially boys, and raise literacy standards across your school. The series, consisting of 90 leveled titles, is logically organized:

Other program components include:

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Project X: Senior Literacy Consultant Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
21st century literacy for 21st century learners.
Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm is an internationally known academic, teacher, author, presenter and Senior Literacy Consultant for Project X, published by Oxford University Press Canada. Jeffrey is currently Professor of English Education at Boise State University; Director of the Boise State Writing Project.

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Project X: Let's Get Boys Reading and Writing
Written by experts in the field, this invaluable guide draws on extensive research to bring teachers and parents a wealth of practical support and advice on raising boys' achievement. This practical guide includes:

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Project X: Guided Reading Notes and Assessment Tools
Written by Kathleen Corrigan, Literacy Consultant
Each FREE downloadable Guided/Group Reading Notes PDF file supports a Project X theme. There are Before, During and After reading notes to support each of the three books per theme (two fiction and one nonfiction). In Set 1 and Set 2 there is a Running Record included in the teacher's notes.

There is also a set of Assessment Tools to support assessment available for downloading.
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