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Writing in the Academic Disciplines: Coordinate, Subordinate, and Relative Pronoun Clauses

Instructions: Choose the appropriate option for each of the following sentences:

Question 1:

a) so
b) as
c) but
d) for

Question 2:

a) as
b) so
c) for
d) and

Question 3:

a) neither / or
b) not only / but also
c) as / as
d) so / and

Question 4:

a) so
b) as
c) for
d) but

Question 5:

a) so
b) but
c) as
d) and

Question 6:

a) indeed
b) although
c) consequently
d) and

Question 7:

a) however
b) while
c) consequently
d) therefore

Question 8:

a) though
b) whenever
c) because
d) while

Question 9:

a) when
b) although
c) consequently
d) as

Question 10:

a) since
b) even if
c) because
d) when

Question 11:

a) whose
b) which
c) who
d) that

Question 12:

a) who
b) which
c) that
d) whose

Question 13:

a) who / from / to
b) which / in / and
c) whom / from / to
d) that / in / and