Online Resources, Part III

Summary Questions

  1. How did expanding leisure time create social anxieties?
  2. How did conceptions of morality shape social spaces of play?
  3. How is sexuality constructed in the "visualizing section"?


“Canada in A Box: Cigar Containers that Store our Past, 1883–1935” — Canadian Museum of Civilization

“The Archives of Ontario Remembers Eaton’s at Christmas” – Archives of Ontario

“You Are What You Drive: Identities for Sale in 20th Century Print Advertisements” – Canadian Science and Technology Museum

“Women in Sport: Preconfederation Newfoundland” – Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador

Arthur L. Cochrane, Camp Temagami: A Summer Camp for Men and Boys (1915)

“Beyond the Funnies: History of Comic Books in English Canada” – John Bell and Michel Viau

“Canada's Ocean Playground: The Tourism Industry in Nova Scotia, 1870–1970” – Nova Scotia Archives and Research Management

“Yours to Discover: Tourism in Ontario through Time” – Archives of Ontario

“The history of Stanley Park” – City of Vancouver

Expo ’67 Man and His World . . . A Virtual Experience

Asahi: Canadian Baseball Legends -- National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre

Nature’s Past – Episode 28: Winnipeg Beach – Sean Kheraj and Dale Barbour

“Bears: An Online Experience” – Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies


“I Was a Ninety-Pound Weakling” (1960)

“L’affaire Richard” (1955)

“Tim Horton gets emotional” (1967)

“Last Call: Canadians and Alcohol” – CBC Digital Archives

“Hula Hoop Craze Hits Canada” (1958)

“War against war toys” (1965)

“Nobody Waved Goodbye” (1964)

“Talking teen pregnancy” (1964)

Further Readings

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