Online Resources, Part II

Summary Questions

  1. How were labour relations influenced by race and/or gender?
  2. How did changing work practices influence "community"?
  3. What narrative about modernity is constructed through the images in the "visualizing work" section?


Formation of the Fisherman’s Protection Union – Memorial University Maritime History Archive

“Labour’s Advance” – Canadian Museum of History

“Who Discovered Klondike Gold?” – Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

In Pursuit of Adventure: The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Company – McGill University

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield: At the Heart of Canada’s Industrial History – Musée des Deux-Rives

“Sturgeon Falls Mill Closing Project” – Dr. Steven High

“Industrial Architecture of Montreal” – McGill University

“Men in the Mines: A History of Mining Activity in Nova Scotia, 1720–1992” – Nova Scotia Archives and Research Management

“Women at Work” – Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

At Work: Historical Images of Labour in Saskatchewan – University of Saskatchewan Archives

“A Caring Profession: Centuries of Nursing in Canada” – Canadian Museum of Civilization

“Canadian Trade Journals Collection” – Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and Toronto Public Library

“From Blacksmiths to Blackboards” – Canadian Museum of Civilization

“Forest History Society of Ontario”


“The Road Taken” (1996)

“The Case of Charlie Gordon” (1930)

“High Steel” (1965)

“Kindergarten” (1962)

“To the Ladies” (1946)

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