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Word Choice Quiz

Instructions: The error(s) in the following sentences may be ones of usage or word choice. Complete the sentence with the correct (or best) word.

Question 1:

a) than
b) then

Question 2:

a) affect
b) effect

Question 3:

a) biased
b) bias

Question 4:

a) lead
b) led

Question 5:

a) number
b) amount
c) quantity

Question 6:

a) there
b) their
c) they're

Question 7:

a) that
b) who
c) whom

Question 8:

a) graduated
b) graduated from

Question 9:

a) their
b) it's
c) its

Question 10:

a) downsides
b) downfalls
c) disadvantages

Question 11:

a) loses, then
b) loses, than
c) looses, then
d) looses, than

Question 12:

a) a lot, allot
b) allot, a lot
c) a lot, a lot
d) allot, allot

Question 13:

a) lifestyles, effected
b) lives, effected
c) lifestyles, affected
d) lives, affected

Question 14:

a) excepted, except
b) accepted, except
c) accepted, accept
d) excepted, accept

Question 15:

a) use, usage
b) usage, usage
c) use, use
d) usage, use