Donald Newnan, John Whittaker, Ted Eschenbach, and Jerome Lavelle

Engineering Economic Analysis, Canadian Edition
ISBN 13: 9780195419252

About the Book

Building on the strong foundation of Engineering Economic Analysis, ninth edition, the Canadian edition continues to offer comprehensive coverage of financial and economic decision-making for engineering projects, with an emphasis on problem solving, life cycle costs, and the time value of money.

  • Pedagogically rich, with detailed chapter-opening objectives, summaries, and problems incorporated into each chapter
  • Easy-to-use design to enhance readability, generate student interest, and facilitate comprehension of the material
  • Chapter learning objectives are included to help students check their comprehension of the chapter material
  • End-of-chapter problems help students to review the material covered
  • Chapter 2 (Engineering Costs) introduces engineering cost estimating and sets the stage for the economic analysis to follow
  • Chapter 8 (Incremental Analysis) combines spreadsheet graphing capabilities and Internal Rate of Return calculations, so that the usually confusing concept of using the incremental IRR to chose from a group of alternatives, is simplified and clarified
  • Chapter 9 (Other Analysis Techniques) and 10 (Uncertainty in Future Events) emphasize how the uncertainty that is part of every engineering application can be considered by using sensitivity analysis and probability concepts
  • Chapter 12 (Income Taxes) illustrates the comparative advantages of spreadsheet and manual methods for developing after-tax cash flow
  • New! Canadian examples and content added througout
  • New! Chapters 11 (Income, Depreciation, and Cash Flow) and Chapter 12 (After Tax Cash Flows) have been completely rewritten to reflect Canadian material and standards
  • New! Revised to reflect Canadian taxes laws
  • New! Chapter-opening vignettes illustrating real-world applications of the questions being studied have been revised to reflect material of interest to Canadian students

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