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Cities and Urban Sociology

Louis Guay and Pierre Hamel

Series: Themes in Canadian Sociology

Integrating classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, this text provides students with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of urban sociology, as well as a solid understanding of the particular challenges facing today's cities.

Readership : Cities and Urban Sociology is a core text suitable for urban sociology courses that are offered out of sociology departments, usually at the second- and third-year levels.

1. The Development of Urban Sociology
Urbanization and Cities
What is Urban Sociology?
Urban Sociology's Role in Addressing Urban Problems
2. Theoretical Perspectives in Urban Sociology
The Chicago School of Sociology
From Ecology to Interaction
The Emergence of Political Economy Analysis of the City
The Postmodern Critique in Urban Sociology
3. The Rise of the Industrial City and Its Problems
The Formation of Urban Canada
The Problems of the Industrial City
Urban Problems and the Making of the Planning Profession
Urban Models and the Industrial City
4. Cities, and Suburbs and the Making of the Metropolis
The Significance of the Metropolitan Order
The Suburbanization Process
Suburbia in the Metropolitan Context
Suburbia and Beyond
5. The City as a Social Mosaic
Social Inequality as a Social Problem
The New Social Landscape of Canadian Cities
Cities and Women
New-comers: Aboriginals and City Life
6. Urban Governance and Local Democracy
From Government to Governance: A Paradigmatic Shift?
Governing Cities
7. The City and Urban Planning Models
Urban Planning Models
Planning Ideals and Urban Dynamics
Canadian City Planning in Practice
8. Cities, the Environments, and Sustainable Development
Cities and Nature
Smart Growth as Acceptable Growth
New Urbanism and Sustainability
Cities and Climate Change
In Search of the Sustainable City
9. Globalization and the Urban Way of Life
An Urban World in the Making
Globalization and Globality: Process and Representation
The Global City: Meanings and Examples
The Global Urban South: Growth and Inequality
*Note: All chapters include:
- Learning Objectives
- Introduction
- Conclusion
- Questions for Critical Thought
- Suggested Readings
- Related Websites

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Louis Guay is a professor in the Department of Sociology and a research member of the Institut en Environnement, Développement et Société at Université Laval. He has co-edited two books: Les Enjeux Sociaux et les Défis du Développement Durable (Presses de l'Université Laval, 2004) and, with Pierre Hamel, Mouvements Sociaux et Changements Institutionnels (Presses de l'Université du Québec, 2005).

Pierre Hamel is a professor of sociology at Université de Montréal. He is also the editor of the journal Sociologie et Sociétés. His recent books include Ville et Débat Public. Agir en Démocratie (Presses de l'Université Laval, 2008); Un Modèle Québécois? Gouvernance et Participation dans la Gestion Publique (with B. Jouve; Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 2006).

Canadian Cities in Transition - Edited by Trudi Bunting, Pierre Filion and Ryan Walker
Urban Canada - Harry Hiller

Special Features

  • Canadian focus explores the history, trends, and movements shaping cities and urban life in Canada.
  • Concise introduction to the subject - part of the well-regarded Themes in Canadian Sociology series, known for its clear and concise approach to current research and trends in the discipline.
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics such as urban planning, social diversity, and governance make this an accessible and effective primer for students new to the study of urban sociology.
  • Classical and contemporary perspectives help students understand both the foundations and the present state of the discipline.
  • International examples, where appropriate, give students insight into urban issues outside of Canada.
  • Stand-alone chapter on the environment and sustainability helps students understand the environmental challenges facing cities, as well as policies and practices leading towards urban sustainability.