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Women and Religious Traditions

Third Edition

Edited by Leona M. Anderson and Pamela Dickey Young

Using a critical feminist lens, this text explores the roles and interactions of women within major world faiths. For each tradition, the text examines the history and status of women, family structures, sexuality, and social change, as well as texts, rituals, and interpretations by and for women.

Readership : Second- and third-year level courses in women and religion at universities.


  • "Excellent, cutting-edge scholarship, compellingly written and made accessible to undergraduates. . . . This is a top-notch book."
    --Michele Murray, Bishop's University

  • "Extremely readable. . . . An excellent introduction to the topic. . . . The chapters do a very good job introducing students to the religious tradition in question, and the structure of each chapter, despite the different authors, helps the student of comparative religion to analyze the information."
    --Ariana Patey, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Leona M. Anderson and Pamela Dickey Young: Introduction
1. Leona M. Anderson: Women in Hindu Traditions
2. Jacoba Kuikman: Women in Judaism
3. Eva K. Neumaier: Women in the Buddhist Traditions
4. Lee D. Rainey: Women in the Chinese Traditions
5. Dawn Martin-Hill: Women in Indigenous Traditions
6. Pamela Dickey Young: Women in Christianity
7. L. Clarke: Women in Islam
8. Doris R. Jokobsh: Women in Sikhism
9. Leona M. Anderson and Pamela Dickey Young: Women in New Age Traditions
Case Studies
Michelle L. Folk: Both Guru and Goddess: Mata Amritanandamayi of Kerala
Carmen Webb: Sakyadhita: Daughters of the Buddha Unite
Monique Dumais: L'autre Parole: A Christian and Feminist Collective in Quebec
L. Clarke: Two Muslim Women in North America
Stephanie Balkwill: Interpreting Religion in the Female Idiom: Women's Writing, Women's Religiosity, and Popular Religion in China NEW

E-Book (ISBN 9780199006205)
Available through CourseSmart.com

Leona M. Anderson is professor emeritus in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Regina. Her research interests include Sanskrit literature, classical and popular Hinduism, Hindu ritual, and iconography. Her publications include the Vasantotsava: Indian Spring Festival, Text and Contexts (New Delhi: DK Printworld, 1993/4); The Ganesh Festival (51 mins., colour video [vhs] documentary, 1999 and 2009), and The Orishas of Cuba (dvd, 2008). Her current research focuses on Santeria traditions in Cuba and the Ashtavinayakas in India.

Pamela Dickey Young is professor of religious studies at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. She is author of many books and articles on feminist theology, women and religion, and religion and sexuality. Her current research focuses on religion, gender, and sexuality among youth in Canada. Her most recent book is Religion, Sex and Politics: Christian Churches and Same-Sex Marriage in Canada (Fernwood Publishing, 2012).

Making Sense in Religious Studies - Margot Northey, Bradford A. Anderson and Joel N. Lohr
World Religions: Eastern Traditions - The late Willard G. Oxtoby, Roy C. Amore and Amir Hussain
World Religions: Western Traditions - The late Willard G. Oxtoby, Amir Hussain and Roy C. Amore
A Concise Introduction to World Religions - Edited by The late Willard G. Oxtoby, Roy C. Amore, Amir Hussain and The late Alan F. Segal

Special Features

  • Expert Canadian contributors ensure students are exposed to the most up-to-date and in-depth scholarship in the field.
  • Interdisciplinary approach integrates historical, psychological, political, and sociological perspectives, providing students with a well-rounded introduction to the topic.
  • Balanced coverage of Eastern and Western religious traditions, as well as new religions that focus on the notion of the Goddess.
  • Engaging case studies - including a NEW case on women and Chinese traditions - encourage students to think critically about the role of women in the context of different religions.
New to this Edition
  • Expanded lived religion content includes coverage of women's personal experiences within each religion, better reflecting the unique and varied experiences of women both within and across religions.
  • Expanded introduction includes a more detailed discussion of the study of women and religion.
  • Enhanced art program with new images throughout provides students with a visual context for understanding the material.