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Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements

Second Edition

David Bell

This book offers a complete treatment of both digital and analog instruments; their operation, application, and limitations. Measurement methods and measurement precision are also covered.

Commencing with the explanations of units, dimensions, and standards, the text treats measurement errors, then covers electromechanical instruments in one chapter and analog electronics VOMs in another.

A single chapter is devoted to the explanation of digital instruments basics and another to digital voltmeters and frequency meters. Instrument calibration is also explained, and methods of measuring resistance, inductance, and capacitance are covered in detail.

The operation and application of oscilloscopes, both analog and digital, is comprehensively treated, as are a wide variety of laboratory-type electronic instruments.

Readership : This is a core textbook for first- or second-year college courses on Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement.

1. Units, Dimensions, and Standards
2. Measurement Errors
3. Electromechanical Instruments
4. Analog Electronic Vold-OHM-Milliammeters
5. Digital Instrument Basics
6. Digital Voltmeters and Frequency Meters
7. Low, High, and Precise Resistance Measurements
8. Inductance and Capacitance Measurements
9. Cathode-Ray Oscilloscopes
10. Special Oscilloscopes
11. Signal Generators
12. Instrument Calibration
13. Graphic Recording Instruments
14. Waveform Analyzing Instruments
15. Miscellaneous Meters
16. Laboratory Power Supplies

Instructor's Solutions Manual
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David A. Bell is a professional engineer. He was employed as a circuit design specialist in the electronics industry for many years before becoming a professor at Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology. He has written five electronics/technology books which are in multiple editions. These have been used in colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States and around the world.

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Special Features

  • Comprehensive treatment of digital instruments
  • Aids to Learning - Learning objectives are offered at the beginning of each chapter, practical worked examples are provided throughout, and end-of-chapter review questions and problems are included.