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Publication date:
April 2007

Imprint: Oxford University Press

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Art Education in Practice: Engaging Visual Culture

Karen Keifer-Boyd and Jane Maitland-Gholson

Series : Resource Books

How to help students negotiate visual culture's potent and multilayered meanings.

Engaging Visual Culture is a guidebook for teachers to help students make sense of the pervasive flow of visual information shaping their worldview and way of being. The authors offer practical strategies to help students learn to think critically about visual culture, its meanings, and its impact on their lives. Each of the nine chapters focuses on three key concepts: Expose, Explode, and Empower. By exposing students to the presence and power of visual culture, and "exploding" the passive acceptance of the visual messages all around us, students are empowered to participate actively in constructing their own meanings.

Readership : Professional Development

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Published by Davis Publications, the only publisher dedicated solely to visual art education in Grades K-12.

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Special Features

  • Hands-on, age-appropriate activities to proactively expose the power of visual culture.
  • Strategies for teaching each chapter's content with students of different ages.
  • Reproducible handouts, worksheets, and more.