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Environmental Economics

Second Edition

Charles D. Kolstad

Environmental Economics, has established itself as one of its field's most authoritative texts, as well as one of the more challenging. It distinguishes itself from other books by presupposing that readers already have an understanding of intermediate microeconomics. Thus, this book concentrates only on environmental economics - problems of pollution of earth, air, and water - with an emphasis on regulation and private-sector anti-pollution incentives, and coverage of international examples.

Readership : Suitable for courses in Intermediate Environmental Economics, Environment and Energy Policy, and Natural Resource Economics.


  • "This book is the thinking economist's guide to environmental issues. It gives students with a passion for the subject the tools to think about environmental choices like an economist."

    --Eli Berman, UC San Diego

Part I: Introduction
1. The Environment and Economics
2. Normative and Positive Economic Analysis
Part II: How Much Environmental Quality?
3. Social Choice: How Much Environmental Protection?
4. Efficiency and Markets
5. Market Failure: Public Goods, Public Bads and Externalities
6. Making Decisions about Environmental Programs
7. Demand for Environmental Goods
8. Hedonic Price Methods
9. Household Production
10. Constructed Markets
Part III: Regulating Individuals and Firms
11. Regulating Pollution
12. Prices
13. Property rights
14. Spatial and Temporal Issues
15. Regulating Polluters with Unknown Costs
16. Audits, Enforcement and Moral Hazard
17. Voluntary Actions and Agreements
Part IV: Advanced Topics
18. Risk and Uncertainty
19. International and Interregional Competition

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Solutions Manual (ISBN 9780199755899)
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Charles D. Kolstad is Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Special Features

  • Concentrates only on Environmental Economics.
  • Places an emphasis on regulation and private-sector anti-pollution incentives.
  • Coverage of international examples.
New to this Edition
  • NEW! Additional coverage of fisheries, voluntary agreements and actions.
  • NEW! New chapter on dynamics.