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200 pp.
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Publication date:
April 2014

Imprint: OUP UK

The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Volume VII: The Dublin Notebook

Edited by Lesley J. Higgins and Michael F. Suarez

Series : Collected Works Gerard Manley Hopkins

Hopkins's "Dublin Notebook" provides intimate and rare access to the Jesuit poet's private, poetic, religious, and academic thoughts and words during his final years in Dublin. In February 1884, Hopkins moved to Dublin from England to become a Professor of Classics at University College (entrusted to the Jesuits in 1883) and a Fellow at the recently-established Royal University of Ireland, an examining institution. He lived at UC's St. Stephen's Green campus until 8 June 1889, when he died of typhoid. The "Dublin Notebook" is a unique repository of personal memoranda, drafts of poems, lecture outlines, spiritual meditation notes, and academic notes, and sheds new light on the circumstances that produced Hopkins's "Sonnets of Desolation" in the mid-1880s. The contents include pages in which he tallied examination marks and commented on students' performances; intermittent musical jottings; lists of correspondents to whom he owed letters; attendance records; drafts of a short biography for publication; a commentary on Cicero; and preliminary versions of "Sibyl's Leaves", one of his most exceptional poems.

This edition, Volume VII in the Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, provides readers with a digitized facsimile of the manuscript, a detailed transcription of each page, and scholarly resources such as a historical and cultural introduction to Hopkins's Dublin years; an analysis of the notebook's contents; the editors' explanation of the manuscript and its challenges; translations of and citations for all classical quotations; and thorough annotations (including transcriptions of his musical compositions). Other resources include a Biographical Register; documents related to Hopkins's academic appointments; sample examinations that he set for the Royal University; and edited versions of his study of Cicero's "On Duty" and his biographical notice of Richard Watson Dixion, the Pre-Raphaelite poet.

The "Dublin Notebook" sheds new light on Hopkins's life and inner torments, his wide-ranging artistic talents (and musical aspirations), his involvement in Ireland's vexed "troubles" in the late nineteenth century, his harrowing spiritual and emotional condition, and the busy life of a burdened Classics professor.

Readership : Suitable for students and scholars of Hopkins, nineteenth-century poetry, and poetics in general; Students and scholars with an interest in Victorian literature and culture.

Editorial Notes
Principles of Transcription
Citing Other Works by Hopkins
Short-titles of Poems
Text of the Dublin Notebook
Appendix A: Documents related to Hopkins's academic appointments
Appendix B: William Collins, 'Ode to Evening'
Appendix C: Gerard Manley Hopkins, 'Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves'
Appendix D: Gerard Manley Hopkins, 'Richard Watson Dixon'
Appendix E: Hopkins's notes on Pindar
Appendix F: RUI Matriculation Examination, September 1884
Appendix G: Documents from the Campion Hall archive
Appendix H: Cicero, On Duty
Appendix I: Retreat Notes, 1889
Appendix J: Campion Hall MS GI.a Codicology and Analysis of Inks and Writing Stints
Biographical Register

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Lesley Higgins is a Professor in the Department of English, York University, where she specializes in Victorian and Modernist literature, poetry, and feminist studies. In 2002, she published The Modernist Cult of Ugliness: Aesthetic and Gender Politics (Palgrave) and co-edited Walter Pater: Transparencies of Desire (ELT Press). More recently, and together with Elicia Clements, she is the co-editor of Victorian Aesthetic Conditions: Pater Across the Arts (Palgrave, 2010). With Michael F. Suarez, S.J., she is the co-general editor of the Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, an eight-volume project (OUP) being prepared by an international team of six editors. The first volume in the series, her edition of Hopkins's Oxford Essays and Notes, was published in 2006. With David Latham, she is the co-general editor of the Collected Works of Walter Pater, now in development for OUP. Michael F. Suarez is University Professor and Director of Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. The holder of research fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, he is also Honorary Curator of the University of Virginia's special collections and Professor of English. His most recent publication is The Oxford Companion to the Book (2010), a million-word reference work on the history of books and manuscripts from the invention of writing to the present day.A Jesuit priest, Michael is currently co-General Editor, with Lesley Higgins, of The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Editor-in-Chief of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO).

Special Features

  • The latest addition to Oxford's Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
  • Presents a previously unpublished manuscript of Hopkins's work.
  • Provides a digitized facsimile of the manuscript pages, alongside careful transcription.
  • Offers a unique glimpse into Hopkins's emotional life and private thoughts.
  • An excellent resource for students studying manuscripts, life-writing, or Victorian private lives.