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Publication date:
February 2017

Imprint: OUP India

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Hegel's India

A Reinterpretation, with Texts

Aakash Singh Rathore and Rimina Mohapatra

In his writings on India, Hegel characterized Indian thought as "fantastic," "subjective," "wild," "dreamy," "frenzied," "absurd," and "repetitive" If Indian art, religion, and philosophy were so inadequate, what explains his lifelong fascination with India? This unique volume brings together Hegel's reflections and argues that Indian thought haunted him, representing a nemesis to his own philosophy. Further, it indicates that the longstanding critical appraisals of Hegel are incommensurate with his detailed explorations of Indian thought.

Hegel distinguished his own thought on two grounds. The first was to focus on freedom and to rail perpetually against the caste system. The second was to indicate the necessity for dialectical mediation, and thus to reprove the stasis of Indian thought. But did Hegel ever manage to exorcise the evil twin that beset his work?

Shedding new light on Indological and Hegelian studies, this book systematically presents all of Hegel's writings on and about India for the first time, including translations of his lesser-known essays on the Bhagavad-Gita and the Oriental Spirit, along with a substantive reinterpretation and a bibliography.

Readership : Institutional libraries; departments of philosophy & Indology; students of continental philosophy. Lay admirers of Hegel; People interested in Indology.

1. India in Hegel's System: The Ladder to the Circle
2. Hegel's Indological Sources and the Standard Interpretation
3. Hegel's India Writings: The Gita and World History
4. Hegel's India Writings: Art, Religion, and Philosophy
5. Fragments: Oriental Spirit, Logic, and Right
6. Conclusion
1. Wilhelm von Humboldt: 1. On the Episode of the Mahabharata Known by the Name Bhagavad Gita
2. 2. Philosophy of World History
3. 3. Lectures on the Philosophy of Fine Art
4. 4. Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion
5. The Philosophy of Mind (Encyclopedia, Part III)
6. Lectures on the History of Philosophy
7. Fragments: Oriental Spirit, Logic, and Right
About the Authors

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Rimina Mohapatra is Publishing Manager, Routledge India, Taylor & Francis Group, New Delhi, India. Aakash Singh Rathore is visiting faculty, Centre for Law and Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

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Special Features

  • In depth critique of Hegels writings on India.
  • Consists of Hegels original writings on India.
  • Strong recommendations from Slavoj Zizek and Robert Bernesconi.