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Oxford Latin Course: Part I: Student's Book

Second Edition

Maurice Balme and James Morwood

The acclaimed Oxford Latin Course has been completely revised and restructured in the light of a national survey of Classics teachers. The course is in three parts, each with an accompanying Teacher's Book. Parts I-III are built around a narrative detailing the life of Horace, based closely on historical sources which develops an understanding of the times of Cicero and Augustus.

1. Scintilla and Horatia at home
2. Argus steals the dinner
3. Quintus helps his father
Slaves and freedom
4. At the fountain
The country town: Venusia
5. Market day
The Roman farmer - and market day
6. The school of Flavius
7. Flavius' story: The siege of Troy
Homer and the Illiad - 1
8. The death of Hector
The Illiad - 2
9. The fall of Troy
Virgil and the Aeneid - 1
10. Polyphemus
The Aeneid - 2
11. The meeting of Dido and Aeneas
Dido, Queen of Carthage
12. Infelix Dido
From Aeneas to Romulus
13. Fabula tristis
The Olympian gods
14. Quintus milites spectat
Roman religion
15. Cincinnatus
From monarchy to republic
16. Cloeliae Virtus
Appendix: Ciceronis filius
Reference grammar
Latin-English vocabulary
English-Latin vocabulary
Index of grammar

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Maurice Balme is retired from the Harrow School. James Morwood, formerly Head of Classics at Harrow School in England, is now a Fellow at Wadham College, Oxford and Grocyn Lecturer for the Literae Humaniores Faculty.

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