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Advertising, Consumer Culture, and Canadian Society

A Reader

Edited by Kyle Asquith

The only comprehensive, critical overview that places Canadian advertising and consumer culture in historical, social, and cultural context for students

With over 15 classic and contributed selections, this reader offers a comprehensive overview of the historical, social, and cultural dimensions of advertising and consumer culture in Canadian society. Taking a critical approach, this collection encourages students to deconstruct their daily interactions with advertising, branding, and consumer culture.

Readership : Suitable for courses devoted to the critical study of advertising, branding, and consumer culture in a Canadian context offered out of communications and/or media studies departments.


  • "This is the book I have been waiting for! It covers just enough theory without being too theoretical, it contains current, diverse, and very Canadian case studies, and it is accessible in its content and tone."
    --Irena Knezevic, Carleton University

  • "Advertising, Consumer Culture, and Canadian Society covers many of the key elements of a critical advertising studies class from a Canadian perspective. Each chapter contextualizes key themes in critical advertising research with examples that are relevant to the lives of Canadian university students."
    --Jade Miller, Wilfrid Laurier University

Part One: Theoretical, Historical, and Institutional Foundations
1. Canadian Contributions to the Study of Advertising and Consumer Culture, Lee McGuigan
2. A Professional Ideal, Russell Johnston
3. Crafting the Consumer Workforce, Donica Belisle
4. Imperial Tobacco, Market Research, and Canadian Teens, 1960-1988, Daniel J. Robinson
5. The Emergence of the Tween Market and the Expansion of Children's Consumer Culture, Natalie Coulter
Part Two: Canadian Brand Case Studies
6. "Always Fresh, Always There." Tim Hortons and the Consumer-Citizen, Patricia Cormack and James F. Cosgrave
7. The Hudson's Bay Company, Canadian History, and Settler Colonialism, Estee Fresco
8. Sport, Beer Advertising, and Corporate Nationalism in Canada: Molson's Articulation of National and Masculine Identity to Consumer Citizenship, Steven Jackson
9. "Canada's M.A.C.nificent Make-up Company": AIDS, Gender, and the "Original" M.A.C Cosmetics RuPaul VIVA GLAM Advertising Campaign, Andrea Benoit
10. "Always On, Always Connected": Designing, Branding, and Marketing the BlackBerry, 1997-2017, Vincent Manzerolle
11. "Sorry, We're Breaking Up": Product Recall and lululemon's Brand Love Backlash, Valerie Creelman
Part Three: Controversies in the Expanding Frontiers of Canadian Advertising
12. Consumer Culture, Promotional Priorities, and Commercialization in Children's Online Games and Virtual Worlds, Sara M. Grimes
13. Influencer Marketing, the Commercial Forces of Social Media Celebrity, and Challenges for Canadian Advertising Regulation, Kyle Asquith
14. Promoting Pity or Empathy? Poverty and Canadian Charitable Appeals, Anne F. MacLennan
15. Beyond Bitumen: How Advertising Sells the Myth of Canada's Oil/Tar Sands, Patrick McCurdy and Adam Thomlison
16. Paying Our Dues: The Culture of Unpaid Internships, Jenna Jacobson and Leslie Regan Shade

E-Book ISBN 9780199026333

Kyle Asquith is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication, Media, and Film at the University of Windsor.

Making Sense in the Social Sciences - Margot Northey, Lorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese

Special Features

  • A critical approach enables students to analyse their daily interactions with advertising, branding, and consumer culture.
  • Chapters written by expert Canadian scholars examine advertising's relationship to commodities, consumption, media, technology, culture, politics, and society from a distinctly Canadian perspective.
  • Detailed coverage of current topics - including advertising in online games, influencer marketing, "content confusion," and censorship - offer students insight on current issues in advertising.
  • Case studies covering well-known Canadian brands - such as Tim Hortons, the Hudson's Bay Company, Molson Canadian, M.A.C Cosmetics, BlackBerry, and lululemon - teach students to expose the narratives and myths underlying these classic Canadian companies.
  • Engaging pedagogical features, including review questions and activities, reinforce key concepts and promote active learning.