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Publication date:
February 2016

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Skill Set

Strategies for Reading and Writing in the Canadian Classroom, Third Edition

Lucia Engkent

Updated and enhanced, the Third Edition of Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing in the Canadian Classroom carries on the proven problem/ solution/ model approach. Designed by an experienced Canadian college instructor and improved through classroom feedback, this new edition continues to emphasize the development of reading and vocabulary skills as fundamental to improving writing and critical thinking skills in post-secondary students.

Part 1, Skill Development, takes a very practical, student-friendly approach. Clear and straightforward explanations of how to avoid and correct common writing problems help learners develop the confidence to express themselves in writing. A supporting lexical approach increases competency in a wide variety of vocabulary skills encompassing different abilities - identifying the parts of a word, understanding how words determine sentence structure, recognizing collocations, and seeing the relationships between words. Grammar instruction and practice is integrated throughout, where most relevant to areas of learning.

Part 2, Reading Selections, features a wide range of stimulating and topical Canadian selections which generates active interest and high motivation to engage with the varied discussion questions and assignment suggestions. Each reading provides many powerful examples as students are invited to analyze the structures and writing techniques used. Attention is given to developing paraphrase and summary skills, with detailed language study related to the reading, fostering the development of enhanced critical reasoning skills.

Readership : Students at the postsecondary level who are required to take an academic writing course before continuing with their program of study.

Part 1 Skill Development
Unit 1: Writing Skills
Unit 2: Vocabulary Skills
Unit 3: Sentence Writing Skills
Unit 4: Paragraph Writing Skills
Unit 5: Essay Writing Skills
Unit 6: Rhetorical Skills
Unit 7: Editing and Correcting Skills
Unit 8: Reading Skills
Part 2 Reading Selections
Unit 9: Education
Unit 10: Work
Unit 11: Money
Unit 12: Technology
Unit 13: The Environment
Unit 14: Citizenship
Unit 15: Clothing
Unit 16: Fiction

Skill Set, 3rd Edition: Strategies for Reading and Writing in the Canadian Classroom Online Resource

Lucia Engkent has more than 30 years' experience teaching English and writing instructional materials, including six textbooks. She has taught at Seneca College, the University of Waterloo, York University, and the University of Alberta. Her academic background includes the study of 10 languages, a master's degree in applied linguistics from the University of Ottawa, and a master's degree in library science from the University of Toronto.

Writing Critically - Mark Feltham, Whitney Hoth and Wm. Paul Meahan
Creating Meaning Advanced - Kathy Block and Hannah Hofer Friesen

Special Features

  • Update of successful second edition
  • Written specifically for developmental English courses
  • Comprehensive and straightforward approach to writing and reading
  • Text divided into short, accessible units focusing on individual skills; to assist learning, more chunking and charts than previous edition
  • Bigger format; reader-friendly layout
  • Includes sample essays
  • Canadian, topical readings stimulate interest