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Paperback 336 pp.
40 photographs; 33 tables; 12 figures, 6" x 9"



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Imprint: OUP Canada

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The Canadian North

Issues and Challenges, Fifth Edition

Robert M. Bone

Now in its fifth edition, The Canadian North continues to balance in-depth coverage of the history and geography of the North with current debates on the issues and challenges shaping the region today. Using a straightforward, accessible approach, Robert Bone traces the profound social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political changes occurring in northern Canada--including the effects of resource extraction, the impacts of climate change, and the advancements being made by the Aboriginal peoples who call this region home. Updated throughout to reflect recent developments, this insightful exploration of the Canadian North will help students fully appreciate the many challenges-as well as the potential opportunities-facing this fascinating region and its peoples.

Readership : Suitable for courses that explore the geography of Northern Canada, typically offered out of geography departments.


  • "This book provides a strong foundation for undergraduate students with interest in the Canadian North. It is the best text currently on the market."
    --Patricia Fitzpatrick, University of Winnipeg

  • "The Canadian North provides an excellent and current overview of the major challenges facing northern communities."
    --Andrew S. Medeiros, Wilfrid Laurier University

List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Vignettes
1. Northern Perceptions
2. The Physical Base
3. The Historical Background
4. Population Size and Its Geographical Expression
5. Resource Development, Megaprojects, and Northern Benefits
6. Environmental Impact of Resource Projects
7. Aboriginal Economy and Society
8. Geopolitics, Climate Warming, and the Arctic Ocean
9. Looking to the Future
Appendix I: The Method of Calculating Nordicity
Appendix II: Population by Northern Census Divisions
Appendix III: Demographic Tables (NEW)
Appendix IV: Aboriginal Population by Census Divisions (NEW)

Image Bank
- Includes all figures and photos from the text
E-Book (ISBN 9780199019427)

Robert M. Bone is a professor emeritus in the Department of Geography at the University of Saskatchewan. An expert on the Arctic and the Canadian North, Bone has published two successful books with OUP Canada: The Canadian North: Issues and Challenges and Regional Geography of Canada.

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Special Features

  • Combines the history and geography of the Canadian North with current debates, offering students an even-handed treatment of the region's unique issues and challenges.
  • An interdisciplinary perspective provides the scope and detail necessary to understand the political, geographical, social, and economic forces that have shaped--and continue to shape--Arctic Canada.
  • Thought-provoking vignettes address a wide variety of historical and current issues to aid student understanding and spark discussion.
  • End-of-chapter Challenge Questions encourage students to reflect on key issues and how they impact the North and its residents.
  • Written by an esteemed expert in the field, this market-leading text has successfully introduced students to the geography of Northern Canada for over two decades.
  • A jargon-free, straightforward writing style makes the text highly readable, accessible, and engaging for students.
  • Coverage of climate change and global warming explains the unique effects of these phenomena on the fragile Arctic environment and its communities.
New to this Edition
  • Fully updated throughout, the fifth edition offers the latest, most accurate data and research on current issues and challenges confronting the Canadian North today.
  • Two new appendices highlight population statistics and Aboriginal population by census divisions.
  • New and revised vignettes explore a broad range of cutting-edge issues including corporate responsibility, the relationship between economic development and transportation, and the influence of worldview on approaches to environmental stewardship.
  • Increased focus on Aboriginal peoples with new coverage of Aboriginal population density and migration trends, the state of the northern Aboriginal workforce, and the involvement of Aboriginal peoples in economic development.
  • Enhanced visual program--new and expanded selection of maps, tables, figures, and photos throughout complement the data and research findings and help enhance students' understanding of key concepts.