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Price: $60.50

Paperback 248 pp.
21 tech art illustrations & 95 photos, 8.375" x 10.875"



Publication date:
February 2016

Imprint: OUP Canada

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Have Your Say 3

Listening and Speaking Skills and Practice

Frank Bieri and Alex MacGregor

Series : Have Your Say

Have Your Say 3 Listening and Speaking Skills and Practice is organized into eight theme-based chapters which cover a wide variety of interesting topics. The specific communicative goals in each chapter are achieved through diverse interactive communicative activities that emphasize the interdependence of listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. Frequent collaboration in pairs and small groups motivates learners and provides them with the means for developing language proficiency and confidence in their ability to communicate.

Readership : High Intermediate English text for adult and young adult ESL learners needing to develop college-level English skills in listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

1. The Impact of English
1. Al Jazeera Panel Discussion - Global English
2. British Council Panel Discussion - Who Cares About English?
2. Communication Technology
1. CBC Interview - Internet Linguistics
CBC Narrative - Living in Two Worlds
3. Humans and Technology
1. CBC Interview - Surveillance Society
2. CBC Interview - Getting Good Gadgets
4. Our Relationship with Nature
1. CBC Interview - Fish Swimming in Pharmaceutical Soup
2. PBS News Hour Report-Can a City Produce Zero Waste?
5. The Influence of the Media
1. McGill University Round Table Discussion - Hurdles to Ensuring Human Rights
2. CBC Interview - Meet Anne Marie Owens
6. Social Change
1. The Lost Lectures - Sarah Corbett: A Craftivist Story
2. The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture - Don Tapscott: Macrowikinomics: Social Sciences and Social Change in the Age of Social Media
7. Young People and the Business World
1. Cornell University Lecture - Ralph Christy: Why Small is Still Beautiful
2. CBC Debate - Interns: To Pay or not to Pay
8. Transitioning to Professional Life
1. CBC Interview - The New Resume
2. McGill University Interview - Social Networking and Your Electronic Footprint

Online Have Your Say 3 Teacher's Resource Companion Site
MP3 CD with multiple audio (and some video) tracks for each chapter: two listening selections and several pronunciation activities

Frank Bieri is an ESL Instructor at Niagara College in Welland, ON. Alex MacGregor is an ESL Instructor and the Program Co-ordinator of the International Department, Niagara College in Welland, ON.

Have Your Say 2 - Irene S. McKay
Have Your Say 1 - Irene S. McKay

Special Features

  • integrates speaking, listening, note-taking, and pronunciation skills and practice
  • engaging design with student-friendly approach and easy-to-follow chapter structure
  • many interactive practice opportunities for pairs, small groups, and whole class
  • listening selections comprise a variety of formats - all authentic
  • Canadian content