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Paperback 624 pp.
196 photos; 25 tables; 22 maps, 8" x 10"



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Imprint: OUP Canada

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A History of the Canadian Peoples

Fifth Edition

J. M. Bumsted and Michael C. Bumsted

Now in its fifth edition, A History of the Canadian Peoples presents a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to the history of Canada from pre-contact times to the present day. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to offer more balanced coverage of the pre- and post-Confederation periods, providing insightful perspectives on influential moments throughout Canadian history. Weaving together social, political, cultural, and economic histories in a seamless narrative, this compelling resource will help readers understand and appreciate the remarkable people and events that have shaped Canada across its history

Readership : First- and second-year students taking introduction to Canadian history courses.


  • "This is the best textbook I've used. . . . The book is very accessible and well organized, and the narrative flows nicely."
    --Ross McCormack, University of Winnipeg

  • "I think the balance of various schools of history, from political, social, cultural, economic, gender, ethnic, and intellectual strains of history, is quite an achievement, as it would satisfy most historians as to the breadth of historiography found in the text."
    --Darren Ferry, Nipissing University

List of Maps
Introduction: Understanding History
1. The Beginnings
2. Europe Settles In: Newfoundland, Acadia, New France
3. Struggling for a Continent, 1627-1763
4. Becoming and Remaining British, 1759-1815
5. Relying on Resources, 1815-1840
6. Becoming a Nation, 1840-1885
7. Becoming Modern, 1885-1915
8. Two Wars and a Depression, 1914-1945
9. Prospering Together, 1945-1960
10. Edging towards the Abyss, 1958-1972
11. Coming Apart, 1972-1992
12. Freefalling into the Twenty-First Century, 1992-2001
13. Into the New Millennium
Epilogue: The Speed and Balance of Canadian History

Instructor Resources
Instructor's Manual
For each chapter:
- Chapter summary
- Lecture suggestions (3-5 new)
- Discussion questions (3-5 new)
- Research topics and sources (3-5 new)
- Updated lists of key people, places, and terms
- Updated lists of further reading
- NEW! 5 annotated web links
Test Generator & Test Bank
- 600 multiple choice questions
- Over 120 true-or-false questions
- Over 120 short answer questions
- Over 35 essay questions
PowerPoint Slides
- Lecture outline slides
Student Resources
Student Study Guide
For each chapter:
- Chapter summary
- Learning objectives (5-7 new)
- Short answer questions, with answer key containing page numbers
- Further readings (3-5 new)
- 3-5 annotated web links
E-Book (ISBN 9780199014927)

J.M. Bumsted is a retired professor formerly of the University of Manitoba.

Michael C. Bumsted has received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen.

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Special Features

  • A unique chapter introducing the study of history helps students better understand the discipline.
  • Balanced coverage of political, economic, and social history makes this a comprehensive exploration of Canada's past.
  • A lively writing style engages student and provides them with an accessible and appealing narrative.
  • Chapter-opening timelines offer students a quick overview of the events and themes that marked the historical period discussed in each chapter.
  • A stunning art program with over 200 pieces of art, including full-colour maps, photos, and tables.
  • Broad coverage of women in Canada offers a thorough and inclusive treatment of women's roles and contributions to Canadian history.
  • Thematic box program exposes students to more than just major events, people, and places:
  • -- NEW! Material Culture boxes explore a diverse selection of material symbols and cultural artifacts including beaver skin, The Book of Negroes, timber ships, Sopwith Camels, Habitat '67, and VQA labels.
  • -- Backgrounder boxes provide fascinating perspectives on the experiences of early explorers, settlers, ordinary citizens, and politicians, along with in-depth portraits of leading figures, humanizing the study of history.
  • -- Biography boxes of lesser-known figures from throughout Canadian history.
  • -- Contemporary Views boxes alert students to the fact that interpretations of historical events evolve over time and apprise them of the current consensus regarding moments in Canadian history.
  • -- Document boxes featuring primary source documents with additional context.
  • Coverage of immigration, multiculturalism, and racism, especially in the post-1918 chapters, add depth to the detailed account of key topics while highlighting the change in historical perspectives.
New to this Edition
  • Extensively reorganized opening chapters strike a stronger balance between pre- and post-European settlement, and an increased focus on New France. (Chs. 1-4)
  • Updated photo program including 41 new photographs, and 6 new tables integrated throughout to help students visualize the story of this country.
  • Inside cover maps depict the distribution of Aboriginal peoples and language areas in the sixteenth century and contemporary Canada.
  • New end-of-chapter historiography essays, contributed by historians from across the country, highlight on-going research and scholarship.
  • New and updated content throughout, including discussions on ritual gift-giving (Ch. 3), reform and rebellion (Ch. 5), and "ownership" of Arctic islands (Ch. 6).
  • A fully revised final chapter discusses the latest events in Canada's history and moving forward as a nation. (Ch. 13)