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Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy

Classic Debates and New Ideas, Third Edition

Duane Bratt and Christopher J. Kukucha

Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy combines classic and contemporary selections with original contributions written specifically for this volume. Showcasing cutting-edge perspectives alongside more traditional viewpoints, this reader offers students a well-rounded examination of foreign policy in Canada.

Readership : Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas is aimed at second- and third-year Canadian foreign policy courses offered out of political science departments at the university level.


  • "I like this book more every time I read it. . . . It presents a range of views on a variety of relevant subjects, by authors who know what they are talking about."
    --James Cox, University of Ottawa

  • "This text includes both classic readings in Canadian foreign policy and more contemporary ones. This ensures that students are exposed to a variety (historical, theoretical, empirical) of readings - and scholars - in the field."
    --Edna Keeble, Saint Mary's University

Part One: Studying Canadian Foreign Policy: Varying Approaches
1. John J. Kirton: The 10 Most Important Books on Canadian Foreign Policy
2. Claire Turenne Sjolander and Heather A. Smith: The Practice, Purpose, and Perils of List-Making: A Response to John Kirton's "10 Most Important Books on Canadian Foreign Policy" NEW
3. Adam Chapnick: Canadian Foreign Policy, 1945-1968
4. John W. Holmes: Most Safely in the Middle
Tom Keating: Update: The Twilight of Multilateralism in Canadian Foreign Policy? NEW
5. David B. Dewitt and John J. Kirton: Three Theoretical Perspectives
John J. Kirton: Update: Canada as a Principal Power
6. Stephen Clarkson: The Choice to Be Made
Brian Bow and Patrick Lennox: BNEWUpdate: The "Independence" Debates, Then and Now: False Choices and Real Challenges
7. Nicole Wegner: (De)constructing Foreign Policy Narratives: Canada in Afghanistan NEW
8. Sean McMahon: Hegemony in the Local Order and Accumulation in the Global: Canada and Libya NEW
Part Two: External Factors and Canadian Foreign Policy
9. Christopher Kirkey & Michael Hawes: Canada in an Age of Unipolarity: Structural Change and Canadian Foreign Policy NEW
10. Geoffrey Hale: Canada-US Relations: Proximity and Distance in Perspective NEW
11. Charles Burton: The Dynamic of Relations Between Canada and China NEW
12. Paul Heinbecker: Canada's World Can Get A Lot Bigger: The Group of 20, Global Governance, and Security NEW
Selected Bibliography
Part Three: Domestic Factors and Canadian Foreign Policy
13. Paul Gecelovsky: Of Legacies and Lightning Bolts: Another Look at the Prime Minister and Canadian Foreign Policy
14. Gerald J. Schmitz: Parliament and Canadian Foreign Policy: Between Paradox and Potential NEW
15. Patrice Dutil: The Institutionalization of Foreign Affairs (1909-2013)
16. Anita Singh: The Indo-Canadian Diaspora and Canadian Foreign Policy: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward NEW
17. David Carment and Joe Landry: Civil Society and Canadian Foreign Policy NEW
Part Four: Security
18. Kim Richard Nossal: Defending Canada NEW
19. Stéphane Roussel and Jean-Christophe Boucher: The Myth of the Pacific Society: Quebec's Contemporary Strategic Culture NEW
20. Douglas Alan Ross: Canadian International Security Policy in the 21st Century: Closing the Book on the Sutherland Era? Not at All NEW
21. Rob Huebert: Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and Security in a Transforming Circumpolar World
Part Five: Trade and Other Economic Issues
22. Michael Hart: Breaking Free: A Post-Mercantilist Trade and Productivity Agenda for Canada NEW
23. Stephen McBride: Canada's Policy Response to the Global Financial Crisis
24. Elizabeth Smythe: Canada and the Negotiations of Investment Rules: Open for Whose Business?
25. Duane Bratt: The Energy Triangle: Canada, the United States, and China NEW
Part Six: Social Considerations: The Need to Do More?
26. Heather A. Smith: Choosing Not to See: Canada, Climate Change, and the Arctic NEW
27. Stephen Brown: Aid Effectiveness and the Framing of New Canadian Aid
28. David Black: The Harper Government, Africa Policy, and the Relative Decline of Humane Internationalism NEW
Appendix A: Key Terms in Canadian Foreign Policy
Appendix B: Key Dates in Canadian Foreign Policy

Instructor Resources:
Concordance Guide
- Lists common topics taught in Canadian Foreign Policy courses and shows where to find this coverage in each of OUP's Canadian Foreign Policy books
E-Book (ISBN 9780199008322)

Duane Bratt is chair and professor in the Department of Policy Studies at Mount Royal University. He teaches in the area of international relations and Canadian public policy, with specialty in the sub-field of Canadian foreign policy. His primary research interest is in the area of Canadian nuclear policy. In addition to co-editing Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas, he is also the author of Canada, the Provinces, and the Global Nuclear Revival (MQUP, 2012).

Christopher Kukucha is professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Lethbridge. His main research areas include Canadian foreign policy, international political economy, and Canadian federalism. In addition to co-editing Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas, he has published numerous articles and chapters on the provinces and international trade, as well as a book entitled The Provinces and Canadian Foreign Trade Policy (UBC Press, 2008).

Canada in the World - Heather A. Smith and Claire Turenne Sjolander
Canada and World Order - Tom Keating
Canadian Foreign Policy in Critical Perspective - J. Marshall Beier and Lana Wylie
Canada's Foreign and Security Policy - Edited by Nik Hynek and David Bosold
Borders and Bridges - Edited by Monica Gattinger and Geoffrey Hale
Canada's International Policies - Brian Tomlin, Norman Hillmer and Fen Hampson
Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Policy - Edited by Claire Turenne Sjolander, Heather Smith and Deborah Stienstra

Special Features

  • Combines previously published and original works by experts in the field, offering students a balanced and authoritative treatment of the subject.
  • A mix of classic and contemporary readings ensures that students understand the history of Canadian foreign policy as well as contemporary issues and debates.
  • Thematic organization groups articles into six thematically-linked sections, giving students a variety of perspectives on these issues.
  • Engaging part introductions add context to ensure students have the foundation they need to fully understand and evaluate the readings.
  • List of Canadian foreign policy abbreviations on the inside front cover gives students a quick-reference guide for frequently used abbreviations in the field.
New to this Edition
  • Over 15 new readings - including 10 original articles commissioned specifically for this volume - explore topics such as Canada's changing role in the world; foreign policy under Stephen Harper's Conservative government; Canada-US relations, and more.
  • Review questions and lists of suggested readings encourage students to expand their learning through critical thinking and further research.