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Population Change in Canada

Third Edition

Don Kerr and Roderic Beaujot

Population Change in Canada offers a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of Canadian demography from the sixteenth century to the present day. Now in its third edition, this accessible and enlightening narrative provides students with the foundation they need to fully understand population change and to prepare to meet its challenges both now and in the future.

Readership : Population Change in Canada, third edition, is a core text suitable for demography as well as population and society courses offered out of sociology departments.

Note: Every chapter includes:
- Chapter introductions
- Critical thinking questions
- Recommended readings
- Recommended websites
1. The Study of Population Change
2. The Population of Canada before the Twentieth Century
Part One: The Population Processes: Mortality, Fertility, and Immigration
3. Mortality, Health, and Health Care
4. Fertility and the Reproduction of Society
5. Immigration and the Population of Canada
Part Two: Growth, Distribution, and Aging
6. Population Distribution, Internal Migration, and the Regions
7. Changing Growth Patterns and Their Implications
8. Population Aging
Part Three: Consequences of Population Change
9. Families and Household Units
10. Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Composition
11. The Demography of the Aboriginal Population of Canada
12. Population and the Environment NEW
13. Conclusions
Appendix A: The Life Table
Appendix B: Crude Rates, the Total Fertility Rate, and Standardization
Appendix C: 2014 World Population Data Sheet
Appendix D: Population Estimates and Demographic Accounts
Author Index
Subject Index

E-Book (ISBN 9780199026128)

Don Kerr is professor of sociology at King's University College at Western University.

Roderic Beaujot is professor emeritus of sociology at Western University and one of Canada's most respected demographers. He is currently an editorial advisor to Canadian Public Policy and chair of the Statistics Canada Advisory Committee on Demographic Statistics and Studies.

Canada's Population in a Global Context - Frank Trovato
Population and Society - Edited by Frank Trovato

Special Features

  • A focus on the consequences of population change shows students the value and importance of studying demography in today's world.
  • Current statistics - drawn from the 2011 census of Canada as well as a wide variety of other reliable sources - paint a detailed portrait of the changing structure of Canada's population.
  • Engaging pedagogy - including suggested readings, chapter introductions, and critical thinking questions - promotes student engagement and offers reliable starting points for further study.
New to this Edition
  • A new chapter on population and the environment helps students understand how domestic and international population changes and demands on resources impact environmental sustainability in Canada and around the world. (Ch. 12)
  • New feature boxes - on key topics such as the decision to eliminate the mandatory long-form census; the predicted impact of rising obesity rates on life expectancy; and the effects of increasing income inequality across Canada - offer keen insight into major developments that have impacted population changes in recent years.