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Paperback 352 pp.
numerous line figures, 189 mm x 246 mm



Publication date:
December 2004

Imprint: OUP UK

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Atomic Physics

C.J. Foot

Series : Oxford Master Series in Physics, 7

Readership : Aimed at fourth year undergraduate students and first year graduate students in physics.


  • `This is a very timely book. The author has chosen a very modern set of topics, ones that increasingly are at the heart of the field of atomic and optical physics... I am aware of no competing textbook that offers this wide selection of topics at the cutting edge of this discipline.'
    Chris Greene, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • `...a useful text on atomic physics and fills something of a gap between traditional textbooks and highly specialised books on the more modern topics.'
    Charles Adams, University of Durham
  • `The approach to the modern topics, in particular the many connections to the classical developments of the field is masterly done.'
    Klaus Molmer, University of Aarhus

1. Early Atomic Physics
2. The Hydrogen Atom
3. Helium
4. The Alkalis
5. The LS-coupling scheme
6. Hyperfine Structure and Isotope Shift
7. The Interaction of Atoms with Radiation
8. Doppler-free Laser Spectroscopy
9. Laser cooling and trapping
10. Magnetic trapping, Evaporative cooling and BEC
11. Atom Interferometry
12. Ion Traps
13. Quantum Computing

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CJ Foot was a Junior Research Fellow of Jesus College in Oxford 1984-86, as well as being awarded the Lindemann Trust Fellowship at Stanford University 1984-85 and the Royal Society University Research Fellowship 1986-1991. In 1991, he became a university lecturer and was awarded the title of Professor of physics in 2002. He won the National Physical Laboratory Metrology Award in 1990.

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Special Features

  • Based on extensive teaching experience, class-tested.
  • Written for undergraduates.
  • Leads students up to the frontiers of latest research.
  • Includes recent advances in Bose-Einstein condensation which have also excited interest outside the field.
  • Contains many exercises, suitable for use in class.