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School Price: $65.95

Paperback 448 pp.
b/w illustrations, 219 mm x 276 mm



Publication date:
January 2015

Imprint: Oxford University Press

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IB Philosophy Being Human Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme

Nancy Le Nezet, Chris White, Daniel Lee and Guy Williams

Series : IB Diploma

The most comprehensive coverage of the core content Being Human, this course book will help learners grasp complex philosophical ideas and develop the crucial thinking skills. Developed directly with the IB, dedicated assessment support straight from the IB builds confidence, and student samples drive critical thought on constructing strong responses.

About the series:
The only DP resources developed directly with the IB, the Oxford IB Course Books are the most comprehensive core resources to support learners through their study. Fully incorporating the learner profile, resources are assessed by consulting experts in international-mindedness and TOK to ensure these crucial components are deeply embedded into learning.

Readership : Suitable for IB Diploma Philosophy students - SL and HL.

1. Introduction
2. Human nature
3. Personhood
4. Mind and body
5. Identity
6. Freedom
7. The self and other
8. Assessment

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Nancy Le Nezet, Chris White, Daniel Lee, and Guy Williams are all well-respected in their field.

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Special Features

  • The most comprehensive coverage of the core content Being Human, developed directly with the IB.
  • Engage learners in the course, connecting philosophical ideas with contemporary and relevant real situations.
  • Build practical skills and develop student confidence with skills application.
  • Help students understand exam achievement levels and progress attainment with clear student samples.
  • Assessment support straight from the IB cements assessment potential
  • Support all learning styles and simplify complex philosophical ideas using clear visuals and illustrations.
  • Reinforce all the key ideas with integrated activities helping you extend and deepen understanding.
  • The only DP Philosophy resource developed directly with the IB.