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Mixed Media 1 pp.
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Publication date:
April 2015

Imprint: Oxford University Press

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IB Environmental Systems and Societies Print and Online Pack 2015 edition

Oxford IB Diploma Programme

Jill Rutherford and Gillian Williams

Series : IB Diploma

Motivating learners to explore and investigate scientific concepts, this new core Course Book Pack helps learners actively connect study with wider issues relevant to the world today. The most comprehensive match to the new syllabus first examined 2017 and the only DP Environmental Systems developed directly with the IB, the inquiry-based approach truly engages learners, strengthening achievement. Integrated links to the Big Questions support a holistic approach to teaching and learning, encouraging students to make links between topics and other subjects.

Readership : IB Environmental Systems and Societies students.

1. Foundations of environmental systems and societies
1.1 Environmental value systems
1.2 Systems and models
1.3 Energy and equilibria
1.4 Sustainability
1.5 Humans and pollution
2. Ecosystems and ecology
2.1 Species and populations
2.2 Communities and ecosystems
2.3 Flows of energy and matter
2.4 Biomes, zonation and succession
2.5 Investigating ecosystems
3. Biodiversity and conservation
3.1 An introduction to biodiversity
3.2 Origins of biodiversity
3.3 Threats to biodiversity
3.4 Conservation of biodiversity
4. Water, food production, systems and society
4.1 Introduction to water systems
4.2 Access to freshwater
4.3 Aquatic food production systems
4.4 Water pollution
5. Soil systems and society
5.1 Introduction to soil systems
5.2 Terrestrial food production systems
5.3 Soil degradation and conservation
6. Atmospheric systems and society
6.1 Introduction to the atmosphere
6.2 Stratospheric ozone
6.3 Photochemical smog
6.4 Acid deposition
7. Climate change and energy
7.1 Energy choices and security
7.2 Climate change - causes and impacts
7.3 Climate change - mitigation and adaptation
8. Human Systems and resource use
8.1 Human population dynamics
8.2 Resource use in society
8.3 Solid domestic waste
8.4 Human population carrying capacity
9. Internal Assessment
10. External Assessment
11. Extended Essay

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Jill Rutherford is the Academic Director and founder of Ibicus International, one of the IBAEM regions leading training organizations. She has extensive experience teaching and consulting on IB Environmental Systems and Societies. Gillian Williams is Education Durector at Utahloy International School in Zengcheng, China. She has experience of teaching and examining IB ESS, TOK and Geogrpahy, and has been invoved in curriculum review for both ESS and TOK. Prior to her move to China, Gillian taught in Jordan, Tanzania,and Malaysia.

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Special Features

  • Truly engage learners with scientific concepts - the inquiry-based approach drives active exploration, investigation and critical thought.
  • Fully cover the new syllabus - the most comprehensive support for the new syllabus (first examination 2017), developed directly with the IB.
  • Strengthen achievement - current case studies and activities accessibly connect learning with relevant global issues, driving motivation and achievement.
  • Accurately implement the new requirements- written by DP Curriculum Developers and authors of the new syllabus.
  • Support the new internal assessment - fresh ideas and new approaches to practicals from Gilliam Williams help you tackle the changes.
  • Build assssment potential - assessment support directly from the IB provides unrivalled exam preparation.
  • Print and online format gives the most flexible access to learning material.
  • Multiplatform access, compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and more.
  • Includes one print course book and one online course book.
  • The license is valid until 31st December 2023.