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Hardback 334 pp.
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Publication date:
February 1994

Imprint: OUP UK

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Federalism and International Relations

The Role of Subnational Units

Edited by Hans J. Michelmann and Panayotis Soldatos

Federalism and International Relations is the first comparative study of an increasingly important phenomenon: the international role and activities of component units of major liberal democratic federal States.

The first part of the book identifies common concepts and themes and explores the reasons for the proliferation of paradiplomatic activities by these non-traditional actors on the international scene. The subsequent chapters focus on the international role of subnational units in individual countries: Austria, Australia, Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, and the USA; the authors also consider the case of Belgium, not formally a federation, but operating to all intents and purposes like one.

They examine in detail the nature and history of foreign-policy federalism of these units and the scope and variety of their international activities. They also explore such topics as the constitutional and institutional contexts in which paradiplomatic activity by component units takes place and the factors which motivate these international activities in each federal State. Finally they assess the implications of the paradiplomatic activities for the conduct of foreign policy in each federation.

Readership : Teachers and students of comparative politics, international relations, foreign policy, and federalism; officials of national governments and of state governments in federal systems; officials of international organizations.


  • 'This book has the potential of becoming a seminal work at a time when the concepts of sovereignty, representation, nation-state and state-society relations are being sharply examined and reformulated.'
    Reeta C. Tremblay, Concordia University, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 24, No. 4'
  • 'a useful pioneering study'
    Roy Pryce, Federal Trust for Education & Research, International Affairs, volume 67, number 3, July 1991

Ivo D. Duchacek: Perforated Sovereignties: towards a typology of new actors in international relations; Panayotis Soldatos: An explanatory framework for the study of federated states as foreign policy actors; John Kincaid: Constituent diplomacy in federal polities and the nation-state: conflict and co-operation; John Ravenhill: Australia; Anton Pelinka: Austria; Yves Lejeune: Belgium; Elliot J. Feldman, & Lily Gardner: Provincial foreign policies and Raison d'Etat; Hans J. Michelmann: The Federal Republic of Germany; Luzius Wildhaber: Switzerland; Earl H. Fry: The United States of America; Hans J. Michelmann: Conclusion

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Hans J. Michelmann is at University of Saskatchewan. Panayotis Soldatos is at University of Montreal.

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