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Publication date:
May 1993

Imprint: OUP UK

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Cities of Alexander the Great

P. M. Fraser

The cities founded by Alexander the Great are an essential part of his overall achievements. The problems concerning them, however, are many - and some incapable of solution. This book is the first to unravel thoroughly the tradition, explaining how it originated in a tendentious political pamphlet of the third century BC, which in turn originated in Ptolemaic Alexandria in the context of the development of the earliest version of the Alexander Romance. The author explores the ramification of this reconstruction from a lost Greek original through to the Persian and Arab tradition, and concludes that the number of cities claiming to be Alexander's as recorded in ancient sources needs to be considerably reduced. The book also includes some more general new considerations regarding Alexander's policies and achievements.

Readership : Scholars and advanced university students of ancient history.


  • `This book consists of two parts: an intensive study which is highly specialised, and a rather brief survey which is of general interest ... admirable in its erudition (much being packed into long footnotes) and in its ingenuity.'
    N.G.L. Hammond, The Anglo-Hellenic Review, No. 16 Autumn 1997
  • `Erudite work ... For scholars and advanced students, this is an important contribution to Alexander studies.'

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P. M. Fraser is at All Souls College, Oxford.

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