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Publication date:
May 2012

Imprint: OUP India

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Security and Development in India's Northeast

Gurudas Das

This book provides a rich account of the dynamics of the development of civil wars in India's Northeastern region. The rise of ethnic militancy in the region in the 1980s had an adverse impact on its development, making it hostage to security concerns of the Indian state vis-à-vis its north-eastern borders. The consequent underdevelopment led to rise in internal insecurity. The book examines the interlinkages between external security threats, economic underdevelopment, and internal insecurity that have led to a conflict trap in the region. The author argues in favour of cross-border cooperation as an alternative strategy for breaking this trap and facilitating the development of the area's bordering regions, as the same can hardly be accomplished within the framework of national development.

Readership : Students and scholars of political science and Indian politics, especially those focusing on the Northeast region. Policymakers and administrators, strategic affairs and security experts, and journalists would also find it interesting.

List of Abbreviations
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1. Security, Engagement, and Development
2. Integration, Social Dynamics, and Strategic Vulnerability
3. Insurgency, Development, and Fragility
4. Interlinkages between Security and Development
5. Breaking the Conflict Trap in India's Northeast

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Gurudas Das is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Assam.

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Special Features

  • Situates discussion in interface between security and development.
  • Examines causes of regional underdevelopment in light of ethnic militancy and violence.
  • Suggests cross-border cooperation as a means of development in the Northeast and bordering regions.