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Hardback 410 pp.
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Publication date:
February 2010

Imprint: OUP India

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The Promise of India's Secular Democracy

Rajeev Bhargava

These essays are written over the last two decades by Rajeev Bhargava, one of the most insightful commentators on philosophical and historical questions around secularism. The topics covered are the democratic vision of the new republic of India, the evolution and distinctiveness of India's linguistic federalism, the distinctiveness of Indian secularism, India's secular constitution, and Muslim personal law and the majority-minority syndrome.

The essays are crucial to the debates about secularism. They raise and answer important questions pertaining to it. This collection has one common thread running through the chapters-democracy and India. The topics covered are highly significant not only for India, but for the modern world in general. It is a part of regular reading for courses on religion and secularism.

Readership : This book would be useful to students and scholars of politics and philosophy.

1. Democratic Vision of a New Republic: India, 1950
2. The Evolution and Distinctiveness of India's Linguistic Federalism
3. Indian Secularism: An Alternative, Trans-cultural Ideal
4. History, Nation and Community
5. Between Revenge and Reconciliation: Gandhi and Truth Commissions
6. Muslim Personal Law and the Majority-Minority Syndrome
7. On the Persistent Under-representation of Muslims in India
8. Inclusion and Exclusion in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh: the Role of Religion
9. Liberal, Secular Democracy and Explanations of Hindu Nationalism
10. The Ethical Insufficiency of Egoism and Altruism: India in Transition
11. The Right to Culture
12. Secular States and Religious Education: The Indian Debate
13. Indian Democracy and Well-being: Employment as a Right
14. Academic Freedom in India
Appendix: Strands of Secularism

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Rajeev Bhargava is Director of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) in Delhi.

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Special Features

  • Essays by one of India's most distinguished political theorists.
  • Relevant not only for India but the modern world in general.
  • Covers wide-ranging issues related to secularism.